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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
49947rbdBugNewNormaldocument supported architectures for PWL cache plugin03/23/2021 08:35 PM
49239OrchestratorBugResolvedNormalcephadm cannot deploy OSDs with selinux-policy-minimum03/10/2021 03:07 PM
49034devopsBugWon't FixNormalloosen or drop selinux-policy version requirement02/08/2021 06:38 PM
47304CephBugResolvedNormalrpm: enable WITH_BOOST_CONTEXT=ON for s390xKen Dreyer09/07/2020 10:39 AM
46182OrchestratorFeatureResolvedHighcephadm should use the same image reference across the clusterSebastian Wagner10/29/2020 01:57 PM
39174RADOSBugResolvedUrgentcrushtool crash on Fedora 28 and newerBrad Hubbard01/27/2021 07:12 PM
38261devopsBugResolvedNormalRHEL should not try to install submanAlfredo Deza02/12/2019 07:16 PM
22924ceph-volumeBackportResolvedNormalluminous: ceph-volume doesn't add OSD's auth to Monitors when creating new BlueStore OSDAndrew Schoen02/07/2018 10:23 PM
22923ceph-volumeBackportResolvedNormalluminous: can't reuse OSD ID if ID doesn't exist in `ceph osd tree`Andrew Schoen02/07/2018 10:22 PM
22751ceph-ansibleBugNewNormaluse chrony (not ntpd) on RHEL- and SUSE-based systems01/10/2021 05:49 PM
21854rgwBackportResolvedNormalluminous: rgw_file: explicit NFSv3 open() emulationAbhishek Lekshmanan03/19/2018 01:29 PMCeph - v12.2.2
21539CephFSBugResolvedNormalman: missing man page for mount.fuse.cephJos Collin12/17/2020 11:39 PM
21494CephBugClosedNormalselinux: Allow getattr on lnk sysfs filesBoris Ranto09/21/2017 10:27 PMbuild
21264CephBugResolvedNormaldrop ceph-rest-apiNathan Cutler04/04/2018 06:07 AMrest-api
21057devopsBugResolvedNormalceph-fuse RPM should require fusermountKen Dreyer10/23/2018 05:43 AM
21030CephBugResolvedNormalman pages needed for ceph-volume and ceph-volume-systemdAlfredo Deza08/22/2017 06:59 PM
20651devopsFixNewNormalrename "radosgw" debian packages to "ceph-radosgw"Ken Dreyer07/17/2017 05:44 PM
20508devopsBugResolvedNormalrpm: bump epoch ahead of ceph-common in RHEL baseKen Dreyer05/17/2018 09:20 AMrpm
20080CephBackportResolvedNormaljewel: Set subman cron attributes in spec fileNathan Cutler08/29/2017 06:56 AMCeph - v10.2.10
19879CephDocumentationResolvedNormalceph-osd cmdline options missing from man page06/10/2017 02:00 AM
19772rgwBackportResolvedNormaljewel: rgw: swift: disable revocation thread under certain circumstancesMarcus Watts07/12/2017 02:21 AMCeph - v10.2.8
19544CephBackportResolvedNormalkraken: ceph-disk: Add fix subcommand kraken back-portBoris Ranto07/03/2017 08:06 PMCeph - v11.2.1
19543CephBackportResolvedNormaljewel: ceph-disk: Add fix subcommand jewel back-portBoris Ranto08/24/2017 07:07 AMCeph - v10.2.10
19421rbdBackportDuplicateNormaljewel: librbd/ 457: FAILED assert(m_state == STATE_ACQUIRING || m_state == STATE_POST_ACQUIRING || m_state == STATE_WAITING_FOR_PEER)Ken Dreyer04/20/2017 09:24 PM
19418rgwBackportResolvedNormaljewel: rgw_file: RGWFileHandle dtor must also cond-unlink from FHCacheMatt Benjamin04/13/2017 07:08 PMCeph - v10.2.7
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