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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
13605rgwBugDuplicateNormalrgw: object deletion might get bucket index state reset11/03/2015 06:59 PM
13602CephBugResolvedNormaldaemons: pid/asok files are not removed upon daemon normal exit04/19/2017 03:09 PM
13493RADOSBugDuplicateNormalosd: for ec, cascading crash during recovery if one shard is corruptedDavid Zafman06/29/2017 07:32 PMEC Pools
13468CephBugCan't reproduceHighosd/ 9128: FAILED assert(info.last_complete == info.last_update)Guang Yang04/19/2017 03:04 PM
13467CephBugRejectedNormalosd: failed to mark unfound objects lost if OSD is removedGuang Yang10/14/2015 10:44 PM
13198CephFeatureResolvedNormalmon: include min_last_epoch_clean as part of PGMap::print_summary and PGMap::dump12/14/2015 02:54 PMMonitor
13165rgwBugWon't FixNormalrgw: return 409 for conflictGuang Yang05/17/2016 06:28 PM
13142CephFeatureResolvedNormalosd: warning if pg has not been scrubbed for a long time01/29/2016 01:41 PM
13121CephFeatureResolvedNormalosd: add pool level setting for recovery priority?Guang Yang12/04/2015 03:09 PMOSD
13120CephFeatureNewNormalosd: prioritize more degraded PGs for recovery by considering the missing_loc of the PGGuang Yang09/16/2015 05:22 PMOSD
13104CephBugRejectedHighosd: slow requests stuck for a long time09/22/2015 02:37 PMOSD
12754CephFeatureResolvedNormalpg auto repair for EC poolGuang Yang12/05/2015 06:14 AMOSD
12722CephBugResolvedHighosd: OSD::do_mon_report stuck at acquiring osd_lock (more than 10mins) and cause OSD marked downGuang Yang11/17/2015 03:38 PM
12666rgwFeatureResolvedNormalrgw: expose the number of *stuck threads* via admin socket01/17/2018 03:25 PM
12623rgwBugClosedNormalrgw: all worker threads hung with peering PGGuang Yang02/27/2020 03:46 PM
12581CephBugCan't reproduceNormalosd: pg stuck at peering09/17/2015 05:33 PMOSD
12523CephBugResolvedUrgentosd suicide timeout during peering - search for missing objectsGuang Yang09/07/2015 08:05 AM
12316CephFeatureResolvedNormalFor EC pool, read K+M shards (instead of K) to reduce latency (with IO overhead)Guang Yang09/05/2015 09:58 PMOSD
12291CephBugResolvedNormalmon: wrong health warning of PGs/OSD for EC poolJoao Eduardo Luis04/12/2017 05:12 PMMonitor
12162CephBugResolvedUrgentpg_interval_t::check_new_interval - for ec pool, should not rely on min_size to determine if the PG was active at the intervalGuang Yang01/28/2016 12:19 PM
12096RADOSBugNewNormalTail latency during deep scrubbing06/11/2017 07:29 PMScrub/Repair
11856CephBugCan't reproduceHighosd - scrubbing slot leaked03/08/2016 03:16 PM
11322rgwBugResolvedNormalrgw - improve performance for large object (multiple chunks) GETGuang Yang01/17/2018 03:25 PM
11047rgwFeatureResolvedNormalrgw : make quota/gc thread configurable for startingGuang Yang01/17/2018 03:25 PM
11017CephFeatureNewNormalImprove scrubbing throutput03/13/2015 09:39 AMOSD
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