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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
36679CephBugResolvedNormal"log last" command skips latest entry01/31/2019 10:28 AMMonitor
36405RADOSBugResolvedNormalunittest_seastar_messenger failure on ARM06/04/2019 02:58 AMCorrectness/Safety
36358RADOSBugResolvedNormalInteractive mode CLI prints no output since MimicJohn Spray11/26/2018 11:48 PM
36028fsBugResolvedNormal"ceph fs add_data_pool" applies pool application metadata incorrectlyJohn Spray10/19/2018 10:42 PMCorrectness/SafetyCeph - v14.0.0
35985mgrBugResolvedHighdeadlock in standby ceph-mgr daemonsBrad Hubbard05/14/2019 07:05 AMceph-mgr
25345mgrBugResolvedNormal"balancer execute" only requires read permissionsJohn Spray02/18/2019 05:16 PM
25197mgrBugResolvedNormalCan't turn off mgrc stats with mgr_stats_thresholdJohn Spray09/13/2018 05:52 AM
25172CephBugResolvedNormalUnnecessarily obscure CLI error on EPERMJohn Spray08/03/2018 12:55 PM
24780fsBugResolvedHighSome cephfs tool commands silently operate on only rank 0, even if multiple ranks existVenky Shankar01/07/2019 08:15 PMAdministration/UsabilityCeph - v14.0.0
24604fsFeatureResolvedNormalImplement "cephfs-journal-tool event splice" equivalent for purge queue09/12/2018 07:30 PMfsck/damage handlingCeph - v14.0.0
24533fsBugResolvedNormalPurgeQueue sometimes ignores Journaler errorsJohn Spray10/19/2018 09:37 AMCorrectness/SafetyCeph - v14.0.0
24304RADOSBugResolvedUrgentMgrStatMonitor decode crash on 12.2.4->12.2.5 upgradeJosh Durgin07/20/2018 11:42 PMCorrectness/Safety
24175mgrBugResolvedNormalstatus module output going to stderrKefu Chai05/29/2018 09:53 AM
24013mgrFeatureNewNormalHandle module config in ceph.conf11/25/2019 09:30 AMceph-mgr
24010mgrFeatureResolvedNormalEnable "-i" CLI file input to mgr module commands09/12/2018 02:50 PMpython interface
23885fsBugResolvedHighMDSMonitor: overzealous MDS_ALL_DOWN and MDS_UP_LESS_THAN_MAX health warnings during FS creationPatrick Donnelly05/08/2018 04:07 PMAdministration/UsabilityCeph - v13.2.0
23752mgrBugCan't reproduceNormalExceptions on two datapoints with same timestamp02/11/2019 01:04 PMceph-mgr
23574mgrFeatureNewNormalAdd a HeartbeatMap to ceph-mgr (die on deadlocks)10/25/2019 11:08 AMceph-mgr
23452fsBugResolvedNormalmds: assertion in MDSRank::validate_sessionsZheng Yan05/08/2018 08:49 PMfsck/damage handlingCeph - v13.0.0
23400mgrFeatureNewNormalceph-mgr should raise health alert if OSDs are up but no data being received10/25/2019 11:06 AMceph-mgr
23397mgrFeatureResolvedNormalCentral "mgr self-test <module>" commandJohn Spray09/12/2018 02:49 PMceph-mgr
23042mgrFeatureResolvedNormalPrompt ServiceMap removal on clean shutdown10/11/2018 06:32 PMMgrClient
22921mgrBackportResolvedNormalluminous: dashboard module: 404 for static resoucesJohn Spray02/07/2018 07:39 AMCeph - v12.2.3
22919mgrBackportClosedNormalluminous: mgr sends early beacon with no modules reportedJohn Spray02/05/2018 04:19 PM
22918mgrBugPending BackportNormalmgr sends early beacon with no modules reportedJohn Spray08/22/2019 10:13 AM
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