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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
58520DashboardBugNewNormalmgr/dashboard: change the positioning of button in cluster expansionNizamudeen A01/20/2023 12:59 PMUX
58504DashboardBugFix Under ReviewNormalmgr/dashboard: constant flickering of Service Instances tabNizamudeen A01/20/2023 12:58 PMComponent - Cluster
58406DashboardBugPending BackportNormalmgr/dashboard: dashboard cephadm e2e failuresNizamudeen A01/13/2023 03:02 PMBuild, CI, Dependencies & Toolsbackport_processed
58405DashboardBugNewNormalmgr/dashboard: ceph dashboard e2e failureNizamudeen A01/10/2023 08:12 AMGeneral
58108DashboardCleanupFix Under ReviewNormalmgr/dashboard: add an env variable to chose custom build folderNizamudeen A11/29/2022 04:53 AMUI
58086DashboardBugPending BackportNormalmgr/dashboard: relax the cors policiesNizamudeen A11/30/2022 06:18 AMGeneral - Back-endbackport_processed
58065DashboardTasksNewNormalmgr/dashboard: inventory cardNizamudeen A11/23/2022 05:57 AMUI
58016DashboardFeatureFix Under ReviewNormalmgr/dashboard: expose grafana port and initial_admin_password in service formNizamudeen A11/15/2022 06:47 AMComponent - Services & Daemons
57972DashboardCleanupPending BackportNormalmgr/dashboard: update jest to 28Nizamudeen A11/15/2022 04:40 AMBuild, CI, Dependencies & Toolsbackport_processed
57867DashboardCleanupPending BackportNormalmgr/dashboard: migrate bootstrap 4 to 5Nizamudeen A11/15/2022 04:40 AMGeneralbackport_processed
57866DashboardCleanupPending BackportNormalmgr/dashboard: update to angular 13Nizamudeen A11/15/2022 04:40 AMGeneralbackport_processed
57834CIBugNewNormalapi-tests: teuthology.exceptions.CommandFailedError: Command failed with status 1: ['../src/']10/24/2022 01:37 PM
57827DashboardTasksNewNormalmgr/dashboard: add e2e tests for cephx user creation10/11/2022 04:43 AM
57803DashboardBugPending BackportNormalmgr/dashboard: weird data in OSD details Nizamudeen A10/11/2022 05:37 AMUIbackport_processed
57735DashboardCleanupNewNormalmgr/dashboard: improve visualization of disk availabilityPedro González Gómez 09/30/2022 10:16 AMUX
57730DashboardBugPending BackportNormalmgr/dashboard: iscsi service created from cephadm's gateway is downNizamudeen A12/07/2022 05:09 PMComponent - iSCSIbackport_processed
57690DashboardFeaturePending BackportNormalmgr/dashboard: add JSON driven formsPere Díaz Bou01/18/2023 09:12 AMGeneralbackport_processed
57667DashboardFeatureNewNormalmgr/dashboard: add a filtering to the notification sidebarNizamudeen A09/23/2022 10:05 AMUI
57576DashboardCleanupPending BackportNormalmgr/dashboard: use the service instead of form component for creating silence from notificationAashish Sharma09/22/2022 05:21 AMMonitoringbackport_processed
57511DashboardBugPending BackportNormalmgr/dashboard: cephadm dashboard e2e failure "being covered by another element"Nizamudeen A10/11/2022 05:37 AMBuild, CI, Dependencies & Toolsbackport_processed
57486DashboardBugNewNormalmgr/dashboard: dashboard cephadm e2e getting stuck for long when VM ceph-node-00 not foundErnesto Puerta09/09/2022 05:40 AMBuild, CI, Dependencies & Tools
57459DashboardFeatureNewNormalmgr/dashboard: add support for creating realm/zonegroup/zoneavan thakkar09/07/2022 11:56 AMComponent - RGWCeph - v18.0.0
57434DashboardBugPending BackportNormalmgr/dashboard: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'filter')Nizamudeen A09/09/2022 04:12 AMComponent - Services & Daemonsbackport_processed
57365DashboardBugPending BackportNormalmgr/dashboard: can't read .ssh/known_hosts: No such file or directoryNizamudeen A09/04/2022 04:44 AMBuild, CI, Dependencies & Toolsbackport_processed
57337CIBugNewNormalmgr/dashboard: dashboard e2e failure09/16/2022 08:36 AM
57284DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: 500 internal server error seen on ingress service creation with unmanaged selected Nizamudeen A10/20/2022 06:24 AMComponent - Services & Daemonsbackport_processed
57118DashboardCleanupPending BackportNormalmgr/dashboard: pre-select osd form filtersNizamudeen A09/13/2022 06:37 AMComponent - OSDsbackport_processed
57114DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Squash is not mandatory field in "Create NFS export" pageNizamudeen A10/11/2022 04:40 AMComponent - NFSbackport_processed
56426DashboardCleanupResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: update cypress to 9.7Nizamudeen A10/06/2022 05:52 AMBuild, CI, Dependencies & Toolsbackport_processed
56425DashboardCleanupPending BackportNormalmgr/dashboard: replace vstart with mstart in dashboard e2eNizamudeen A08/08/2022 04:25 PMBuild, CI, Dependencies & Toolspacific, quincy backport_processed
56413DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: OSDs are not created with the Throughput-optimized which is recommendedNizamudeen A09/30/2022 08:56 AMComponent - OSDs
56079DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: known issues in dashboard cephadm cypress e2eErnesto Puerta07/20/2022 09:31 AMBuild, CI, Dependencies & Tools
56070DashboardBugPending BackportNormalmgr/dashboard: In expand cluster form add host comes with default disabled maintenance modeNizamudeen A08/22/2022 08:07 AMComponent - Clusterbackport_processed
55894DashboardFeatureNewNormalmgr/dashboard: rbd-mirroring snapshot improvements06/06/2022 03:52 PMComponent - RBD Mirroring
55651DashboardCleanupNewNormalmgr/dashboard: rbd-mirroring as a tab on Images rather than a new pageErnesto Puerta05/24/2022 12:21 PMUX
55609DashboardBugTriagedNormalmgr/dashboard: kcli cephadm e2e failureNizamudeen A05/24/2022 12:28 PMBuild, CI, Dependencies & Tools
55586DashboardFeatureNewNormalmgr/dashboard: use color codes for instances in hosts pageNizamudeen A05/10/2022 06:49 AMUI
55574DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: show smart data of hdd devices with scsi protocolNizamudeen A06/14/2022 04:38 PMComponent - OSDs
55571DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: smart data fetching errorNizamudeen A06/14/2022 04:37 PMComponent - Cluster
55247DashboardCleanupResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: save mgr logs inside a folder on kcli e2eNizamudeen A06/27/2022 06:29 PMBuild, CI, Dependencies & Tools
54990DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: qa/workunits/cephadm/ test failureNizamudeen A06/27/2022 06:30 PMBuild, CI, Dependencies & Tools
54341DashboardTasksNewNormalmgr/dashboard: e2e testing for the deployment scenariosAashish Sharma02/21/2022 10:19 AMComponent - OSDs
54340DashboardTasksResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Cost/Capacity Optimized deployment (frontend)Nizamudeen A06/13/2022 08:50 AMComponent - OSDsquincy pacific
54339DashboardTasksResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Cost/Capacity Optimized deployment (backend)Pere Díaz Bou03/16/2022 01:05 PMComponent - OSDspacific
54330DashboardFeatureResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: OSD Creation Workflow RefactoringNizamudeen A06/22/2022 11:24 AMComponent - OSDs
54224DashboardCleanupResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: BDD testing for the dashboard cephadm e2eNizamudeen A06/27/2022 06:29 PMBuild, CI, Dependencies & Tools
54190DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: visual regression tests failing to match screenshotNizamudeen A02/15/2022 10:54 AMBuild, CI, Dependencies & Tools
54176DashboardBugResolvedHighmgr/dashboard: change monitoring directories in cephadm bootstrap scriptNizamudeen A09/30/2022 09:01 AMBuild, CI, Dependencies & Tools
54105DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Update the kcli test environment documentationNizamudeen A02/15/2022 10:56 AMDocs
54030DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: cephadm e2e failing because of rgw commands getting stuckNizamudeen A02/15/2022 10:56 AMTesting & QA
53960DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: navigation page e2e failingNizamudeen A02/16/2022 07:46 AMGeneral
53905DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Improve cephadm dashboard e2e stabilityNizamudeen A01/19/2022 12:15 PMTesting & QA
53778sepiaSupportResolvedNormalSepia Lab Access Requestadam kraitman03/21/2022 03:15 PMUser access
53742CephBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: cephadm dashboard e2e cleanupsNizamudeen A01/14/2022 10:39 AM
53672DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: timeout error in dashboard cephadm e2e jobsNizamudeen A01/14/2022 10:39 AMTesting & QA
53396DashboardFeatureNewNormalmgr/dashboard: ability to create cephfs volume through dashboard11/25/2021 10:27 AMComponent - CephFS
53355DashboardCleanupResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Hide hostname column of daemon table in host detailsNizamudeen A05/31/2022 11:22 AMUI
53353DashboardBugResolvedHighmgr/dashboard: orchestrator/03-inventory.e2e-spec.ts failureNizamudeen A11/23/2021 03:25 PMTesting & QACeph - v16.2.7
53315DashboardFeatureResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Create host form retain the previously created labels and predefine some common labelsNizamudeen A11/24/2021 12:38 PMComponent - Cluster
53312OrchestratorFeatureNewNormalmgr/cephadm: host drain and host removal command improvements03/11/2022 12:34 PMcephadm
53282DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: daemon events html code minor fixupNizamudeen A11/23/2021 06:36 PMUICeph - v16.2.7
53274DashboardBugNewNormalmgr/dashboard: evaluate upgrading the npm packages11/16/2021 06:41 AMUICeph - v17.0.0
53268DashboardBugNewNormalmgr/dashboard: service creation form auto populate using ui-apisNizamudeen A11/15/2021 11:40 AMComponent - Services & Daemons
53049DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: evaluate upgrade to Angular 12Nizamudeen A01/21/2022 07:45 PMGeneral
53044mgrBugResolvedNormalmgr/k8sevents: No module named 'kubernetes.client.models.v1_event'11/22/2021 07:17 AMk8sevents module
53038DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: cluster expansion review page total memory undefinedNizamudeen A11/16/2021 07:25 AMGeneralCeph - v16.2.7
53024DashboardBugResolvedHighmgr/dashboard: make check failure because of conflicting versionsNizamudeen A10/25/2021 06:10 PMBuild, CI, Dependencies & Tools
53021DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: access denied page when a user with read-only permission logs inNizamudeen A11/16/2021 07:25 AMGeneralCeph - v16.2.7
53020DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: error when closing a form inside the form after angular 11Nizamudeen A11/16/2021 07:25 AMGeneralCeph - v16.2.7
52885sepiaSupportResolvedNormalSepia Lab Access Requestadam kraitman03/21/2022 03:14 PMUser access
52703DashboardCleanupNewNormalmgr/dashboard: forms async validator code cleanupsNizamudeen A09/22/2021 11:14 AMGeneral
52649DashboardBugResolvedHighmgr/dashboard: Configuration e2e test failure because of newly added configNizamudeen A09/29/2021 07:35 PMTesting & QA
52645DashboardTasksResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: expand cluster dashboard e2e cleanupsNizamudeen A10/11/2021 05:45 PMTesting & QA
52499DashboardTasksResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard:Create OSDs section for Cluster creation workflow followupsNizamudeen A09/29/2021 03:06 PMGeneral
52462OrchestratorBugResolvedNormalmgr/prometheus: mgr getting restarted when the prometheus deployment starts.09/07/2021 10:20 AMcephadm/monitoring
52456DashboardCleanupDuplicateNormalmgr/dashboard: suggestions for common label names11/22/2021 08:02 AMUX
52454OrchestratorBugResolvedNormalmgr/cephadm: orch maintenance enter command failed09/24/2021 11:18 AMcephadm
52407OrchestratorBugResolvedNormalmgr/cephadm: Removing a host gives a RuntimeError09/06/2021 02:53 PMcephadm
52298DashboardTasksResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Use _no_schedule label instead of maintenance modeNizamudeen A09/02/2021 06:59 AMGeneral
52276DashboardCleanupResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: move force maintenance check to the workflow testsNizamudeen A10/12/2021 01:08 PMTesting & QA
52102DashboardFeatureResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Request for refresh button in iscsi targets pageNizamudeen A08/19/2021 08:03 AMComponent - iSCSI
51640DashboardTasksResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Cluster creation workflow followupsNizamudeen A07/19/2021 05:58 PMUX
51588DashboardCleanupNewNormalmgr/dashboard: Host labels cleanupsPedro González Gómez 06/20/2022 09:04 AMUI
51587DashboardFeatureResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: implement host drain feature in dashboardNizamudeen A12/22/2021 09:27 AMComponent - Cluster
51517DashboardTasksResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Adpot routable modals in host add formNizamudeen A07/13/2021 08:27 AMUI
51516DashboardFeatureIn ProgressNormalmgr/dashboard: Implement Routable ModalsNizamudeen A07/13/2021 08:27 AMUI
51378DashboardFeatureNewNormalmgr/dashboard: Add the ability to filter using labels in osd creation form Aashish Sharma07/27/2021 05:17 PMComponent - OSDsCeph - v17.0.0
51368DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: bucket name input takes spaces eventhough its not allowedNizamudeen A07/19/2021 05:55 PMComponent - RGW
51252DashboardCleanupIn ProgressNormalmgr/dashboard: create new and isolate the logics from controllerAvan Thakkar09/22/2021 11:17 AMGeneral - Back-end
51218DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: 500 server error when exiting out of maintenance modeNizamudeen A06/17/2021 03:42 PMGeneral - Back-end
51119DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: table hiding selections change automaticallyAashish Sharma06/02/2022 05:17 PMUICeph - v17.0.0
50857DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: query params is lost when the login is redirected to the change-password pageNizamudeen A05/25/2021 04:35 PMUI
50855DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: API Version changing doesnt affect to pre-defined methodsAashish Sharma06/08/2021 03:59 PMGeneralCeph - v17.0.0
50771DashboardBugResolvedHighmgr/dashboard: test_error force maintenance dashboard checkNizamudeen A07/27/2021 04:52 AMTesting & QA
50762DashboardBugTriagedNormalmgr/dashboard: Modify the Validator logic to return error messages along with the errorNizamudeen A05/20/2021 01:05 PMGeneralCeph - v17.0.0
50566DashboardTasksResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Review Section for the Create Cluster WorkflowAvan Thakkar07/21/2021 11:56 AMUXCeph - v17.0.0
50565DashboardTasksResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Add host section for the Create Cluster WorkflowNizamudeen A07/16/2021 08:08 AMUXCeph - v17.0.0
50564DashboardTasksResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Add a welcome page for the Create Cluster WorkflowNizamudeen A07/09/2021 01:01 PMUXCeph - v17.0.0
50516DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: bucket name constraintsNizamudeen A07/02/2021 05:32 PMComponent - RGWCeph - v17.0.0
50515DashboardCleanupRejectedNormalmgr/dashboard: generate manifest.txt file for npm dependenciesNizamudeen A05/26/2021 07:56 AMUICeph - v17.0.0
50514DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: RGW buckets async validator slow performanceNizamudeen A07/02/2021 05:32 PMComponent - RGWCeph - v17.0.0
50451DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: While changing the password in Dashboard, username and Password is clearly visible in developer toolsNizamudeen A05/12/2021 11:17 AMComponent - Services & Daemonssecurity
50174DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Read-only user can see registry passwordNizamudeen A04/27/2021 05:13 PMUICeph - v17.0.0
49998DashboardCleanupResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Host maintenance Feature follow upsNizamudeen A05/06/2021 09:50 AMUX
49969DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Update sentence as per the button namesNizamudeen A04/15/2021 05:23 PMUX
49880DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: User management role cloning broke in UINizamudeen A04/15/2021 05:22 PMComponent - Users & Roles
49221sepiaSupportResolvedNormalSepia Lab Access Requestadam kraitman05/27/2021 11:57 AMUser access
49105DashboardCleanupResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Add a badge to the Label column of the Host ListNizamudeen A05/03/2021 04:15 PMGeneral
49101DashboardFeatureResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Host maintenance FeatureNizamudeen A04/15/2021 05:26 PMGeneral - Back-end
48962DashboardBackportResolvedNormalpacific: mgr/dashboard: incorrect validation in rgw user form for tenanted usersNizamudeen A04/22/2021 09:13 AMCeph - v16.2.0
48922DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: crush map viewer tables values not reloading automaticallyAvan Thakkar04/15/2021 05:22 PMGeneral
48907DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: incorrect validation in rgw user form for tenanted usersNizamudeen A04/15/2021 05:22 PMComponent - RGW
48796DashboardBugResolvedNormalnautilus: mgr/dashboard: Datatable items not showing Details even if it is selected.Nizamudeen A04/15/2021 05:22 PMGeneral
48623DashboardBugResolvedHighmgr/dashboard: Dashboard logs e2e tests are failingNizamudeen A04/15/2021 05:20 PMGeneralCeph - v16.0.0
48601DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Copy to Clipboard in Logs fails to copy the log on first time.Avan Thakkar04/15/2021 05:22 PMGeneralCeph - v16.0.0
48563DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Some buttons are not rounded in the edgesNizamudeen A04/15/2021 05:22 PMGeneral
48516DashboardBackportResolvedNormalnautilus: mgr/dashboard: SSL Handshake: Update the inbuilt ssl providers error Nizamudeen A04/22/2021 09:12 AMCeph - v14.2.17
48515DashboardBackportResolvedNormaloctopus: mgr/dashboard: SSL Handshake: Update the inbuilt ssl providers error Nizamudeen A04/22/2021 09:12 AMCeph - v15.2.9
48490DashboardBugResolvedUrgentmgr/dashboard: SSL Handshake: Update the inbuilt ssl providers error Nizamudeen A04/22/2021 09:12 AM
48448DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: "Orchestrator is not available" while toggling between options available in UINizamudeen A04/15/2021 04:54 PMGeneral
48253DashboardCleanupResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Change the text 'Login' to 'Log in'Nizamudeen A04/15/2021 05:26 PMGeneral
48135DashboardCleanupResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Move copyright variable in about.component.ts to the app.constants.tsNizamudeen A04/15/2021 05:26 PMGeneralCeph - v16.0.0
48079DashboardBackportResolvedNormaloctopus: mgr/dashboard: table items get selected when expanding details table04/22/2021 09:26 AMCeph - v15.2.9
48069DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: disabled buttons gets a border when clickedNizamudeen A04/15/2021 05:22 PMGeneralCeph - v16.0.0
48063DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Disable the button in the forms that are disabledNizamudeen A04/15/2021 05:22 PMGeneralCeph - v16.0.0
47967DashboardCleanupResolvedLowmgr/dashboard: black top border when clicking a text fieldNizamudeen A04/15/2021 05:26 PMGeneralCeph - v16.0.0
47950DashboardCleanupResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Adding more style to the Notification bar cardsNizamudeen A04/15/2021 05:26 PMGeneralCeph - v16.0.0
47903DashboardBugNewNormalmgr/dashboard: Improving the dialog box Titles in Block -> ImagesNizamudeen A04/15/2021 04:54 PMUX
47902DashboardBugClosedNormalmgr/dashboard: Improving the dialog box Titles in Block -> Images04/15/2021 05:30 PMUX
47792DashboardBackportResolvedNormaloctopus: mgr/dashboard: Add short descriptions to the telemetry report previewNizamudeen A04/22/2021 09:26 AMCeph - v15.2.8
47753DashboardBackportResolvedNormalnautilus: mgr/dashboard: current frontend build workflow can cause e2e failuresNizamudeen A04/22/2021 09:26 AMCeph - v14.2.12
47539DashboardBackportResolvedNormaloctopus: mgr/dashboard: read-only modalsNizamudeen A04/22/2021 09:26 AMCeph - v15.2.8
47538DashboardBackportResolvedNormalnautilus: mgr/dashboard: read-only modalsNizamudeen A04/22/2021 09:26 AMCeph - v14.2.12
47498DashboardFeatureResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Download option in the Logs pageNizamudeen A04/15/2021 05:26 PMGeneralCeph - v16.0.0
47454DashboardFeatureResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: add a new links component that can be used in the loginpageNizamudeen A04/15/2021 05:26 PMGeneralCeph - v16.0.0
47435DashboardBugResolvedImmediatenautilus: mgr/dashboard: Monitoring - All Alerts: The alerts still seem to be loadingNizamudeen A04/15/2021 05:20 PMMonitoringCeph - v14.2.12
47262DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Unnecessary spaces in the notification sidebarNizamudeen A04/15/2021 05:22 PMGeneralCeph - v16.0.0
46826DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: crushmap viewer is vertically compressed04/15/2021 05:22 PMGeneralCeph - v16.0.0
46621DashboardCleanupResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: navigation sidebar elements alignment Nizamudeen A04/22/2021 09:25 AMCeph - v16.0.0
45346DashboardBackportResolvedNormaloctopus: mgr/dashboard: Async unique username validationNizamudeen A04/22/2021 11:11 AMCeph - v15.2.4
44583DashboardBackportResolvedNormaloctopus: mgr/dashboard: Dashboard does not allow you to set norebalance OSD flagNizamudeen A04/22/2021 11:15 AMCeph - v15.2.1
44543DashboardBugResolvedNormal mgr/dashboard: Dashboard does not allow you to set norebalance OSD flagNizamudeen A04/15/2021 05:22 PMComponent - OSDs
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