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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
42760CephFSBugResolvedNormalkclient: get random mds not work as expectedXiubo Li12/14/2019 12:52 AMAdministration/Usability
42771Linux kernel clientBugResolvedNormalkclient: kernel crash when touching the regular file in the mount pointXiubo Li04/13/2020 01:58 PM
42827CephFSBugWon't FixNormalmds: when mounting the extra slash(es) at the end of server path will be wrongly parsed as snap dirXiubo Li01/24/2020 11:52 PMCeph - v15.0.0
42894CephFSBugResolvedNormalkclient: if there has at least one MDS still not laggy the mount will failXiubo Li04/01/2020 01:11 AM
43149CephFSBugResolvedNormalkclient: umount will stuck for around 1 minutes sometimesXiubo Li04/01/2020 01:13 AM
43218CephFSBugRejectedNormalkclient: when looking up the snap dirs sometime will hit WARN_ONXiubo Li01/13/2020 03:03 AM
43270CephFSBugResolvedNormalkclient: retry the same mds later after the new session is openedXiubo Li04/01/2020 01:12 AM
43293CephFSBugResolvedNormalkclient: trigger the reclaim work once there has enough pending capsXiubo Li12/13/2019 12:55 AM
43294CephFSFeatureResolvedNormalmount.ceph: give a hint message when no mds is up or cluster is laggy Xiubo Li03/31/2020 10:01 AMAdministration/UsabilityCeph - v15.0.0
43295CephFSBugResolvedNormalkclient: keep the session state until it is releasedXiubo Li04/01/2020 01:11 AM
43423CephFSFeatureResolvedHighmds: collect and show the dentry lease metricXiubo Li11/05/2020 05:00 AMCeph - v16.0.0
43435CephFSFeatureResolvedHighkclient:send client provided metric flags in client metadataXiubo Li02/06/2021 01:13 AM
43438CephFSBugResolvedHighcephfs-journal-tool: will crash without any extra argumentXiubo Li05/11/2020 02:28 PMCeph - v15.0.0
43518sepiaSupportResolvedNormalSepia Lab Access Requestadam kraitman02/20/2020 12:53 PMUser access
44061Linux kernel clientBugResolvedNormalkclient: new mount API will always see the posix acl is enabledXiubo Li04/01/2020 01:15 AM
44071CephFSBugFix Under ReviewNormalkclient: reconfigure superblock parameters does not workXiubo Li03/13/2020 03:24 AM
44091Linux kernel clientBugResolvedNormalmount.ceph: some options will be truncated and couldn't see any error in dmesgXiubo Li04/01/2020 01:17 AM
44177Linux kernel clientBugFix Under ReviewHighkclient: BUG: KASAN: use-after-free in __ceph_open_session+0x2a9/0x370 [libceph]Xiubo Li02/18/2020 03:33 AM
44202Linux kernel clientBugRejectedNormalkclient: BUG: ceph_inode_cachep and ceph_dentry_cachep caches are not clean when destroyingXiubo Li05/11/2020 02:31 AM failed by waiting for mgr dashboard module to start07/07/2021 09:12 PM
44389CephFSBugResolvedNormalclient: fuse mount will print call trace with incorrect optionsXiubo Li06/03/2020 12:21 PMCeph - v16.0.0
44408CephFSBugResolvedNormalqa: after the cephfs qa test case quit the mountpoints still existXiubo Li09/23/2020 11:18 AMCeph - v16.0.0
44437CephFSBugResolvedNormalqa:test_config_session_timeout failed with incorrect optionsXiubo Li05/11/2020 02:25 PMCeph - v16.0.0
44456CephFSBugResolvedNormalqa/ AttributeError: 'LocalRemote' object has no attribute 'os'Xiubo Li04/24/2020 07:42 AM
44497CephFSBugDuplicateNormalqa/tasks/: ValueError: No JSON object could be decodedXiubo Li03/09/2020 02:42 AM
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