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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
58596CephBugNewNormalrocksdb: rm_range_keys() (message with 'enter') logs binary dataAdam Kupczyk01/29/2023 07:19 AM
58461CephBugFix Under ReviewNormalosd/scrub: replica-response timeout is handled without locking the PGRonen Friedman01/14/2023 08:32 AM
57749InfrastructureBugIn ProgressNormalinstall-deps fails on centos-stream 9adam kraitman10/06/2022 12:56 PM
57698RADOSBugPending BackportNormalosd/scrub: "scrub a chunk" requests are sent to the wrong set of replicasRonen Friedman12/07/2022 06:45 PMbackport_processed
57616RADOSBugResolvedNormalosd/scrub: on_replica_init() cannot be called twiceRonen Friedman09/21/2022 10:39 AM
57177devopsBugNewNormalJenkins seems to ignore 'jenkins test api'08/18/2022 12:27 PM
57122RADOSBugResolvedNormaltest failure: rados:singleton-nomsgr librados_hello_worldLaura Flores08/24/2022 12:14 PM
57073CephBugFix Under fails with 'Unable to find a match: centos-release-scl'08/10/2022 08:42 PM
56690sepiaSupportIn ProgressNormalSepia Lab Access Request - adding a new laptopadam kraitman07/28/2022 04:29 PMUser access w/ very old pip version07/13/2022 08:37 AM
56404CephBackportResolvedNormalpacific: Multiple "unsolicited reservation grant" messages logged, with no justificationRonen Friedman09/29/2022 01:38 PM
56403CephBackportResolvedNormalquincy: Multiple "unsolicited reservation grant" messages logged, with no justificationRonen Friedman09/29/2022 01:37 PM
56400CephBugResolvedNormalMultiple "unsolicited reservation grant" messages logged, with no justificationRonen Friedman09/29/2022 01:38 PM
55794RADOSBugDuplicateLowscrub: scrub is not prevented from started while snap-trimming is in progressRonen Friedman06/01/2022 04:51 AM TEST_scrub_snaps failed due to malformed log messageRonen Friedman04/25/2022 03:23 PM
54423RADOSBugNewNormalosd/scrub: bogus DigestUpdate events are created, logged and (hopefully) rejectedRonen Friedman02/28/2022 11:51 AM
52901RADOSBugResolvedNormalosd/scrub: setting then clearing noscrub may lock a PG in 'scrubbing' stateRonen Friedman02/20/2022 09:25 AMScrub/Repair
52815RADOSBugResolvedLowexact_timespan_str() Ronen Friedman10/14/2021 02:36 PM
52737RADOSBugDuplicateLowosd/tests: stat mismatch 06/23/2022 08:43 PM
52686RADOSBugFix Under ReviewLowscrub: deep-scrub command does not initiate a scrubRonen Friedman09/21/2021 08:47 PM
52657RADOSBugIn ProgressHighMOSDPGLog::encode_payload(uint64_t): Assertion `HAVE_FEATURE(features, SERVER_NAUTILUS)'Aishwarya Mathuria12/07/2022 01:47 PM
52600CephBugNewLowceph_objectstore_tool crashes in some teuthology tests09/14/2021 08:32 AM
52576bluestoreBugDuplicateNormalceph_test_objectstore asserts at HybridAllocator09/13/2021 05:26 PM
52101paddlesBugNewUrgentpaddles: race condition in Job.set_or_update()Aishwarya Mathuria08/16/2021 04:33 PM
52058RADOSBugNewNormalosd/scrub performance issue: multiple redundant "updates-applied" scrub eventsRonen Friedman08/06/2021 10:07 PM
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