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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
45735DashboardBugResolvedNormalMonitoring: legends of throughput panel in RBD detail dashboard are not correctKiefer Chang04/15/2021 05:22 PMMonitoringCeph - v16.0.0
45718DashboardFeatureNewNormalmgr/dashboard: display more information about services in Services page04/15/2021 05:04 PMGeneral
45650DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: When adding silence, the Matcher dialog's submit button contains no text Stephan Müller04/15/2021 05:22 PMMonitoring
45594OrchestratorBugResolvedNormalcephadm: weight of a replaced OSD is 0Joshua Schmid08/17/2020 12:52 PMcephadm/osdCeph - v15.2.5
45560OrchestratorBugResolvedUrgentcephadm: fail to create OSDs06/02/2020 12:52 PMcephadmCeph - v15.2.4
45526DashboardBugNewNormalmgr/dashboard: race conditions might occur in NFSGaneshaExports controllerTatjana Dehler04/15/2021 04:53 PMComponent - NFS
45428DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: error when extracting translationsTiago Melo04/15/2021 05:22 PMi18nCeph - v16.0.0
45397DashboardBugPending BackportNormalmgr/dashboard: leverage features set from orchestratorKiefer Chang08/08/2022 04:36 PMComponent - OrchestratorCeph - v16.0.0backport_processed
45394OrchestratorBugResolvedNormalcephadm: fail to create/preview OSDs via drive groupJoshua Schmid06/02/2020 01:06 PMcephadmCeph - v15.2.4
45303DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: table details flicker if autoReload of table is onTiago Melo04/15/2021 05:23 PMUICeph - v16.0.0
45301DashboardBugPending BackportNormalmgr/dashboard: displaying deleting state of OSDs in OSD tableKiefer Chang08/08/2022 04:36 PMComponent - OSDsbackport_processed
45252OrchestratorBugResolvedHighcephadm: fail to insert modules when creating iSCSI targetsMatthew Oliver07/17/2020 09:48 AMcephadmCeph - v15.2.5
45249OrchestratorBugResolvedNormalcephadm: fail to apply a iSCSI ServiceSpec06/02/2020 01:13 PMcephadmCeph - v15.2.4
45245OrchestratorBugResolvedNormalcephadm: print iscsi container's log to stdout/stderrMatthew Oliver06/02/2020 01:54 PMcephadmCeph - v15.2.4
45175CephBugResolvedUrgentqa/tasks/ fails with `inconsistent use of tabs and spaces`Xiubo Li04/24/2020 01:10 AMqa
45108OrchestratorBugResolvedNormaltest_orchestrator: service ls doesn't workKiefer Chang05/04/2020 01:33 PMtest_orchestratorCeph - v15.2.2
45106DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: table detail of Services is not displayedKiefer Chang04/15/2021 05:22 PMGeneralCeph - v16.0.0
44985DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: wal/db slots in create OSDs form do not work properly in firefoxKiefer Chang04/15/2021 05:26 PMComponent - OSDsCeph - v16.0.0
44865DashboardFeatureNewNormalmgr/dashboard: support zapping devices04/19/2022 04:10 PMComponent - OSDs
44833DashboardFeatureDuplicateNormalmgr/dashboard: allow users to manage labels on hosts04/15/2021 04:54 PMGeneral
44831DashboardFeatureResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Create Ceph services via Orchestrator by using ServiceSpecVolker Theile04/15/2021 04:54 PMComponent - OrchestratorCeph - v16.0.0
44808DashboardBugNewNormalmgr/dashboard: Allow users to specify an unmanaged ServiceSpec when creating OSDs04/15/2021 04:53 PMComponent - OSDs
44803DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: it's not possible to refresh inventory forcedly Kiefer Chang05/21/2021 04:12 PMComponent - OrchestratorCeph - v16.0.0octopus
44725DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: backend test failure on tasks.mgr.dashboard.test_health.HealthTestKiefer Chang04/15/2021 05:23 PMTesting & QA
44664DashboardBugResolvedUrgentmgr/dashboard: fail to add/remove hostsKiefer Chang04/15/2021 05:20 PMGeneralCeph - v15.0.0
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