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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
41016RADOSBugPending BackportImmediateImprove upmap change reporting in logsDavid Zafman01/17/2020 07:48 PM
43150RADOSBugPending failsDavid Zafman01/27/2020 09:00 PM
39012RADOSBugNewHighosd: distinguish unfound + impossible to find, vs start some down OSDs to getDavid Zafman09/05/2019 07:03 PM
20283RADOSBugNewHighqa: missing even trivial tests for many commandsDavid Zafman09/03/2019 09:19 PMTests
43586mgrBugNewNormalmgr/balancer reports "Unable to find further optimization ...", but distribution is not perfectDavid Zafman02/13/2020 02:53 AMbalancer moduleCeph - v14.2.6balancer
43752RADOSBugNewNormalMaster tracker for upmap performance improvementsDavid Zafman01/22/2020 04:35 AMPerformance/Resource Usage
43556mgrFeatureFix Under ReviewNormalImprove internal python to c++ interfaceDavid Zafman01/11/2020 12:40 AM
43557mgrBugFix Under ReviewNormalmgr progress module: check of pg_ready key but isn't part of pg_dump interfaceDavid Zafman01/11/2020 12:39 AM
42315RADOSDocumentationNewNormalImprove rados command usage, man page and turorialDavid Zafman01/01/2020 11:01 AMlow-hanging-fruit
43174RADOSSupportNewNormalpgs inconsistent, union_shard_errors=missingDavid Zafman12/23/2019 02:18 PMScrub/RepairCeph - v10.2.12
43126RADOSBugFix Under ReviewNormalOSD_SLOW_PING_TIME_BACK nitsDavid Zafman12/19/2019 05:44 AM
43190RADOSBugNewNormalqa/standalone/osd/ has a raceDavid Zafman12/08/2019 11:22 PM
23428RADOSBugNewNormalSnapset inconsistency is hard to diagnose because authoritative copy used by list-inconsistent-snapset not shownDavid Zafman12/05/2019 09:36 PMScrub/Repair test is failing 2 placesDavid Zafman12/05/2019 09:35 PM
12615RADOSBugNewNormalRepair of Erasure Coded pool with an unrepairable object causes pg state to lose clean stateDavid Zafman12/05/2019 09:35 PMEC Pools
42971RADOSBugNewNormalmgr hangs with upmap balancerDavid Zafman11/25/2019 10:30 PM
42590RADOSBugNewNormalThrasher can set full ratio but no yaml whitelists for (OSD_OUT_OF_ORDER_FULL)David Zafman10/31/2019 10:52 PM
42314RADOSDocumentationNewNormalImprove ceph-objectstore-tool usage, man page and create turorialDavid Zafman10/14/2019 10:15 PM
41754RADOSBugNewNormalUse dump_stream() instead of dump_float() for floats where max precision isn't helpfulDavid Zafman10/02/2019 04:43 PM
42084RADOSBugNewNormaldf output difference if 8 OSD cluster has 5+3 shared EC pool vs larger clusterDavid Zafman09/27/2019 03:27 PM
41564RADOSFeatureNewNormalIssue health status warning if num_shards_repaired exceeds some thresholdDavid Zafman08/28/2019 08:36 PM
41563RADOSFeatureNewNormalAdd connection reset tracking to Network ping monitoringDavid Zafman08/28/2019 08:27 PM
41363RADOSFeatureNewNormalAllow user to cancel scrub requestsDavid Zafman08/21/2019 01:16 AM
36746RADOSBugNewNormalIgnore osd_find_best_info_ignore_history_les for erasure-coded PGsDavid Zafman08/20/2019 11:15 PM
41360RADOSFeatureNewNormalsnaptrim_error condition should allow repair and resume snaptrimDavid Zafman08/20/2019 09:37 PM
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