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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
46271OrchestratorBugFix Under ReviewNormalpodman pull: transient "Error: error creating container storage: error creating read-write layer with ID" failureSebastian Wagner06/30/2020 09:27 AMcephadm (binary)
46031OrchestratorBugIn ProgressHighException: Failed to validate Drive Group: block_wal_size must be of type intSebastian Wagner06/16/2020 10:43 AM
45973OrchestratorBugFix Under ReviewHighAdopted MDS daemons are removed by the orchestrator because they're orphansSebastian Wagner06/19/2020 10:31 AM
45814OrchestratorTasksIn ProgressNormaltasks/ Add iSCSI smoke testSebastian Wagner06/29/2020 12:04 PMcephadmlow-hanging-fruit
45631OrchestratorBugIn ProgressUrgentError parsing image configuration: Invalid status code returned when fetching blob 429 (Too Many Requests)Sebastian Wagner06/03/2020 05:48 PMcephadm
45378OrchestratorFeatureIn ProgressHighcephadm: manage /etc/ceph/ceph.confSebastian Wagner06/15/2020 02:02 PMcephadmCeph - v16.0.0ux
45167OrchestratorBugNewLowcephadm: mons are not properly deployedSebastian Wagner06/29/2020 12:14 PMcephadm (binary)
45010OrchestratorBugNewNormalcephadm: /etc/ceph/ceph.conf directory /etc/ceph does not existSebastian Wagner05/04/2020 01:35 PMcephadm (binary)
44990OrchestratorBugPending BackportUrgentcephadm: exec: "/usr/bin/ceph-mon": stat /usr/bin/ceph-mon: no such file or directorySebastian Wagner06/30/2020 08:04 AMcephadm
44972OrchestratorBugNewNormalcephadm: add-repo on ubuntu brokenSebastian Wagner04/09/2020 07:48 AMcephadm (binary)
43838OrchestratorBugIn ProgressHighcephadm: Forcefully Remove Services (unresponsive hosts)Sebastian Wagner05/14/2020 01:51 PMcephadm/scheduler
43684OrchestratorFeatureNewNormalMake use of progress itemsSebastian Wagner05/14/2020 01:52 PMcephadmux

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