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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
51068rgwBugPending BackportHighmultisite: metadata sync does not sync STS metadata (e.g., roles, policy, ...)Pritha Srivastava09/01/2022 05:04 AMbackport_processed
49823rgwBugPending BackportHighrgw gc object leak when gc omap set entry failed with a large omap valuePritha Srivastava08/08/2022 04:34 PMgc backport_processed
51219rgwBugPending BackportHighFederated user can modify policies in other tenantsPritha Srivastava08/08/2022 04:33 PMsecurity? backport_processed
51325rgwBugPending BackportHighUser has assume_role permission can access to any bucketPritha Srivastava08/08/2022 04:33 PMbackport_processed
53512rgwBugPending BackportHighradosgw-admin bucket rm --bucket=${bucket} --bypass-gc --purge-objects failing crashing on buckets having incomplete multipartsPritha Srivastava08/08/2022 04:30 PMgc backport_processed
58547rgwBugNeed More InfoNormal?Action=ListRoles endpoint json response incorrectly formattedPritha Srivastava02/08/2023 08:24 AM
58628rgwBugFix Under ReviewNormalRenaming large files fails with 403 when using temporary creds returned by STSPritha Srivastava02/02/2023 03:06 PM
58365rgwBugFix Under ReviewNormaltest_user_policy fails when running locallyPritha Srivastava01/26/2023 04:25 PMs3test
53171rgwBugPending BackportNormalListOpenIDConnectProviders XML format errorPritha Srivastava12/20/2022 07:43 PMoidc backport_processed
57323rgwBugFix Under ReviewNormalfailure of cls_rgw_gc_list is not handledPritha Srivastava12/08/2022 10:05 AMlow-hanging-fruit
57968rgwBugNewNormalPartial fix for XML responses returning different order of XML elementsPritha Srivastava11/10/2022 03:15 PM
53585rgwBugNewNormalRGW Garbage collector leads to slow ops and osd down when removing large objectPritha Srivastava08/29/2022 09:51 AMgc-queue
45912rgwBugPending BackportNormalrole policies allow access to all buckets when using bucket arns with tenantsPritha Srivastava08/08/2022 04:35 PMCeph - v15.2.3role policy backport_processed
47809rgwBugPending BackportNormalCannot perform server-side copy using STS credentialsPritha Srivastava08/08/2022 04:35 PMbackport_processed
49797rgwBugPending BackportNormalrgw/sts: chunked upload fails using STS temp credentials generated by GetSessionToken for a user authenticated by LDAP/Keystone.Pritha Srivastava08/08/2022 04:34 PMbackport_processed
50721rgwBugPending BackportNormalmake fetching of certs while validating tokens, more generic.Pritha Srivastava08/08/2022 04:33 PMbackport_processed
51019rgwBugPending BackportNormalcorrect session policies permission evaluationPritha Srivastava08/08/2022 04:33 PMbackport_processed
51598rgwBugPending BackportNormalSession policy evaluation incorrect for CreateBucket.Pritha Srivastava08/08/2022 04:32 PMbackport_processed
52302rgwBugPending BackportNormalassumed-role: s3api head-object returns 403 Forbidden, even if role has ListBucket, for non-existent object, patch in inconsistent with AWSPritha Srivastava08/08/2022 04:31 PMsts role backport_processed
54742rgwBugPending BackportNormalcrash: RGWGC::send_chain(cls_rgw_obj_chain&, std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > const&)Pritha Srivastava08/08/2022 04:27 PMgc backport_processed
54562rgwBugNewNormalValidation of a token signature may use a wrong certificatePritha Srivastava03/17/2022 02:09 PMsts rgw
53384rgwBugTriagedNormaltail objects that have already been garbage collected remain in the gc queue foreverPritha Srivastava12/14/2021 12:25 PM
53423rgwBugTriagedNormalCalling list_buckets after assuming a role lists all my buckets, not their bucketsPritha Srivastava12/06/2021 03:00 PM
53178rgwBugNewNormalUsing STS roles, I cannot move an object wtihin a bucket that I have full access to in the rolePritha Srivastava11/11/2021 03:18 PMrole
52964rgwBugTriagedNormalgarbage collection doesn't remove gc list entries if the object's pool doesn't existPritha Srivastava10/28/2021 02:16 PMgc
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