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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
50042RADOSBugNewHighsporadic rados/ failuresBrad Hubbard06/16/2021 06:48 PM
47179rgwBugPending BackportHighAdminSocket::do_accept() terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::out_of_range'Brad Hubbard09/14/2020 01:46 AM
38135RADOSBugNewHighCeph is in HEALTH_ERR status with inconsistent PG after some rbd snapshot creating/removing task.Brad Hubbard08/29/2019 11:30 PMSnapshots
50922teuthologyBugFix Under ReviewNormalCan not schedule build on seemly successful build Brad Hubbard10/29/2021 12:03 AM
52319RADOSBugNewNormalLibRadosWatchNotify.WatchNotify2 failsBrad Hubbard08/19/2021 08:54 PM
49727RADOSBugNewNormallazy_omap_stats_test: "ceph osd deep-scrub all" hangsBrad Hubbard08/06/2021 10:02 PM
6297RADOSBugIn ProgressNormalceph osd tell * will break when FD limit reached, messenger should close pipes as necessaryBrad Hubbard08/05/2021 10:08 PM
47025RADOSBugNewNormalrados/ api_watch_notify_pp LibRadosWatchNotifyECPP.WatchNotify failedBrad Hubbard08/03/2021 02:06 AM
51856teuthologyBugFix Under ReviewNormalceph_ansible: Installing ansible 2.10 causes conflict with system installed package on ubuntu 20.04Brad Hubbard08/03/2021 12:49 AM
49809RADOSBugNeed More InfoNormal1 out of 3 mon crashed in MonitorDBStore::get_synchronizerBrad Hubbard05/05/2021 09:38 PM
45900CephBugNewNormal"ERROR: (22) Invalid argument" in powercycleBrad Hubbard01/08/2021 04:01 PM
47932CephBugIn ProgressNormalperf_counter_data_any_d.u64 can wrapBrad Hubbard10/28/2020 10:22 PM
44399CephBugTriagedNormalqa: /usr/libexec/platform-python fails / core dumpsBrad Hubbard08/31/2020 04:04 AMCeph - v15.0.0
45902CephBugNewNormalthrashosds hits watchdog_daemon_timeout during powercycleBrad Hubbard06/06/2020 12:27 AM
44344CephBugIn uses wrong syntax to set gpgcheck, breaks on centos8Brad Hubbard02/28/2020 01:51 AMbuild
43954RADOSBugNewNormalIssue health warning or error if MON or OSD daemons are holding onto excessive mapsBrad Hubbard02/03/2020 09:49 PMPerformance/Resource Usage
40916CephBugNewNormalrun-cli-tests: env-vs-args.t failsBrad Hubbard12/05/2019 09:37 PMCeph - v15.0.0
40410RADOSBugNewNormalceph pg query Segmentation fault in 12.2.10 Brad Hubbard12/05/2019 09:37 PM
37707CephBugIn fails on centos 7.6Brad Hubbard09/18/2019 07:16 AMbuild
40831RADOSBugNewNormalcompression segfaults with zstd 1.3.8 and incompatibilities with zstd 1.4.0Brad Hubbard07/22/2019 09:07 PMCeph - v15.0.0
38635RADOSCleanupIn ProgressNormalbluestore: test osd_memory_target Brad Hubbard07/15/2019 05:13 AM
37662RADOSCleanupIn ProgressNormalReview-RADOS suiteBrad Hubbard03/25/2019 10:02 PMTests
16310CephFeatureNewNormalTake pipe::connect() returned errno to rados_connect() Part2 of Hubbard03/13/2019 05:30 PM
38421RADOSCleanupNewNormalqa/suites/rados/objectstore: coverage review tasksBrad Hubbard03/08/2019 03:50 AMTests
38422RADOSCleanupNewNormalqa/suites/rados/verify: coverage review tasksBrad Hubbard02/21/2019 11:53 PMTests
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