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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
46581rbdBugPending BackportNormalparent cache does not properly handle DNE objectsMykola Golub07/30/2020 07:43 PM
45268rbdBugPending BackportNormal[librbd]assert at Notifier::notify's aio_notify_lockerMykola Golub07/21/2020 07:29 PM
43174RADOSSupportIn ProgressNormalpgs inconsistent, union_shard_errors=missingMykola Golub07/21/2020 06:31 PMScrub/RepairCeph - v10.2.12
46076rbdBugPending BackportNormalTestMockImageReplayerSnapshotReplayer.UnlinkRemoteSnapshot race on shut downMykola Golub06/30/2020 01:42 PM
41736mgrBugPending BackportNormal" 54: FAILED ceph_assert(pClassInstance != nullptr)" due to race when loading modulesMykola Golub06/19/2020 11:52 AM
45305rbdBugPending BackportNormalqa: rbd-nbd unmap_device may exit earlier due to incorrect list-mapped filterMykola Golub05/01/2020 03:23 PM
44264rbdBackportIn ProgressNormalluminous: [rbd-mirror] Mirror daemon never recovers from being blacklistedMykola Golub02/28/2020 08:43 AM
44159rbdBugPending BackportNormal[rbd-mirror] Mirror daemon never recovers from being blacklistedMykola Golub02/21/2020 03:10 AM
43004mgrBugFix Under ReviewNormalPrometheus Scrap error due to rbd-mirror replication statsMykola Golub02/09/2020 09:45 PMprometheus module
36631RADOSBugIn ProgressNormalpotential deadlock in PG::_scan_snaps when repairing snap mapperMykola Golub10/03/2019 04:18 PM
18673rbdBugIn ProgressNormalrbd-mirror: silence -ENOENT error messages from logsMykola Golub01/31/2017 11:07 AM

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