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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
11248teuthologyBugNewNormalceph-deploy suite needs to run ceph-deploy before installAndrew Schoen08/11/2015 05:28 PMQA Suite
14240teuthologyBugIn ProgressNormalteuthology-suite should check presence/translate to sha1 based on the actual requestAndrew Schoen01/11/2016 04:57 PMCore
12346teuthologyFixNewNormalrevisit start_rpcbind: is it necessary to configure by hand?Andrew Schoen07/16/2015 04:14 AMansible
12347teuthologyFixNewNormalis lab_domain necessary?Andrew Schoen07/16/2015 04:16 AMansible
12348teuthologyFixNewNormalclean up modify_fstabAndrew Schoen07/16/2015 04:20 AMansible
12349teuthologyFixNeed More InfoNormalrevisit packages/common_packagesAndrew Schoen08/20/2015 04:36 PMansible
12669teuthologyBugFix Under ReviewNormalremote.os.codename returns empty string on debianAndrew Schoen09/02/2015 04:37 PM
13159teuthologyBugIn ProgressNormalmove teuthology docs hosting to docs.ceph.comAndrew Schoen09/18/2015 02:37 PM
16244teuthologyBugNewNormalkoji/koji_task require koji package which isn't in standard RHELAndrew Schoen06/28/2016 06:05 PM
17649CIFeatureIn ProgressNormalRebuild old tagged releases needed for upgrade testing into chacra/shamanAndrew Schoen11/04/2016 08:15 PM
24793ceph-volumeBugNewNormalceph-volume fails to zap a device (wipefs problem)Andrew Schoen12/05/2019 09:36 PM
40062ceph-volumeBugNewNormalcheck name of branch to set number of osdsAndrew Schoen05/29/2019 12:15 PM
11215teuthologyBugNewLowThe tgt task should install the packages it needs.Andrew Schoen08/25/2015 05:34 PMQA Suite
9006teuthologyBugNewLowfix _get_config_value_for_remote in install task Andrew Schoen08/25/2015 05:42 PM
13012teuthologyBugNewLowCould not retrieve mirrorlistAndrew Schoen09/09/2015 05:12 PM
50957ceph-volumeBugPending BackportLowbatch --report shows incorrect % of device when using --block-db-sizeAndrew Schoen06/05/2021 01:23 PM
50958ceph-volumeBugPending BackportLowbatch ignores bluestore_block_db_size in ceph.confAndrew Schoen06/05/2021 01:23 PM

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