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46546OrchestratorDocumentationNewNormaldoc/cephadm: "For each file system" is redundant in cephadm adoption guideZac Dover11/19/2020 11:18 AM
46364CephDocumentationNewNormalDeveloper Guide: "What Is Merged and When?" could be less colloquial.Zac Dover11/17/2020 11:59 PMdocumentation
47163RADOSDocumentationNewNormaldocument the difference between disk commit and apply timeZac Dover11/16/2020 12:08 AM
47624CephBugNewNormalimprove guidance on tracker labelsZac Dover11/15/2020 11:32 PMdocumentation
48156CephDocumentationNewNormaldoc/rados: monitoring.rst -- UNDER COMPR field out-of-dateZac Dover11/09/2020 08:13 PM
15182CephDocumentationNewNormalWrite Developer GuideZac Dover10/16/2020 09:25 AM
45344CephFSBugFix Under ReviewNormaldoc: Table Of Contents doesn't workZac Dover10/09/2020 11:53 AMAdministration/Usability
47754RADOSDocumentationNewNormalOrchestrator implementation status table is oldZac Dover10/05/2020 03:16 PMDocumentation
47656CephDocumentationNewNormalInstall Guide - Fed 32 installation instructions don't workZac Dover09/26/2020 05:39 AM
47496CephBugNewNormalleft-pane menu becomes nonsense sometimesZac Dover09/16/2020 11:51 AMdocumentationtree pane
38654CephBugNewNormal[Doc Update] doc/dev/release-process.rstZac Dover09/11/2020 10:40 AMdocumentation
47142OrchestratorBugNewNormaldocs: explain the difference between services and daemonsZac Dover09/06/2020 10:32 AMdocumentation
47229CephBugNewNormalconvert the rados api python examples to python 3Zac Dover09/01/2020 09:30 AMdocumentation
47164rgwDocumentationNewNormaldoc/radosgw: make "<IAM URL>" clearerZac Dover08/28/2020 10:16 AM
47064CephBugNewNormalrados/deployment is redundantZac Dover08/21/2020 09:58 AM
47063CephBugNewNormalThe RADOS deployment guide refers to ceph-deploy, which is, as of Octopus, not the deployment tool that we useZac Dover08/21/2020 09:42 AM
47041CephBugNewNormalMDS recall configuration options not documented yetZac Dover08/19/2020 01:59 PM
46843CephBugNewNormalAdd the proper format for Merge Requests to the Dev GuideZac Dover08/06/2020 06:07 AM
46835CephBugIn ProgressNormalAdd Octopus Getting Started GuideZac Dover08/05/2020 09:06 AMdocumentation
46545RADOSDocumentationNewNormalTwo Developer Guide pages might be redundantZac Dover07/15/2020 11:09 AMDocumentation
46421RADOSDocumentationIn ProgressNormalAdd LoadBalancer GuideZac Dover07/08/2020 01:57 PMDocumentation
46367CephDocumentationNewNormalDeveloper Guide: verb disagreement on "Testing: Unit Tests" pageZac Dover07/05/2020 12:49 PM
46361RADOSDocumentationNewNormalUpdate list of leads in the Developer GuideZac Dover07/05/2020 12:05 PMDocumentation
46335OrchestratorDocumentationNewNormalDocument "Using cephadm to set up rgw-nfs"Zac Dover07/05/2020 08:44 AMcephadm
46324RADOSDocumentationNewNormalSepia VPN Client Access documentation is out-of-dateZac Dover07/01/2020 09:49 PMDocumentation
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