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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
58496RADOSBugIn ProgressUrgentosd/PeeringState: FAILED ceph_assert(!acting_recovery_backfill.empty())Ronen Friedman01/30/2023 06:06 PM
58637RADOSBackportNewNormalpacific: osd/scrub: "scrub a chunk" requests are sent to the wrong set of replicasRonen Friedman02/03/2023 04:58 PM
58636RADOSBackportNewNormalquincy: osd/scrub: "scrub a chunk" requests are sent to the wrong set of replicasRonen Friedman02/03/2023 04:58 PM
51194RADOSBugNewNormalPG recovery_unfound after scrub repair failed on primaryRonen Friedman01/19/2023 02:26 AM
58461CephBugFix Under ReviewNormalosd/scrub: replica-response timeout is handled without locking the PGRonen Friedman01/14/2023 08:32 AM
57698RADOSBugPending BackportNormalosd/scrub: "scrub a chunk" requests are sent to the wrong set of replicasRonen Friedman12/07/2022 06:45 PMbackport_processed
58142RADOSBugIn ProgressNormalrbd-python snaps-many-objects: deep-scrub : stat mismatchRonen Friedman12/05/2022 07:00 PM
49525RADOSBugPending BackportNormalfound snap mapper error on pg 3.2s1 oid 3:4abe9991:::smithi10121515-14:e4 snaps missing in mapper, should be: dc was r -2...repairedRonen Friedman08/08/2022 04:34 PMbackport_processed
50446RADOSBugPending BackportNormalPGs always go into active+clean+scrubbing+deep+repair in the LRCRonen Friedman08/08/2022 04:33 PMbackport_processed
51843RADOSBugPending BackportNormalosd/scrub: OSD crashes at PG removalRonen Friedman08/08/2022 04:32 PMbackport_processed
52012RADOSBugPending BackportNormalosd/scrub: src/osd/ 55: FAILED ceph_assert(state_cast<const NotActive*>()Ronen Friedman08/08/2022 04:32 PMbackport_processed
56956RADOSFeatureFix Under ReviewNormalosdc: Add objecter fastfailRonen Friedman07/29/2022 02:28 AM
50242RADOSBugNewNormaltest_repair_corrupted_obj fails with assert not inconsistentRonen Friedman07/13/2022 05:42 PM
56393RADOSBugNewNormalthrash-erasure-code-big: failed to complete snap trimming before timeoutRonen Friedman06/29/2022 06:12 PM
53338RADOSBackportNewNormalpacific: osd/scrub: src/osd/ 55: FAILED ceph_assert(state_cast<const NotActive*>()Ronen Friedman06/16/2022 12:40 PM TEST_scrub_extended_sleep times outRonen Friedman04/04/2022 05:30 PM
54423RADOSBugNewNormalosd/scrub: bogus DigestUpdate events are created, logged and (hopefully) rejectedRonen Friedman02/28/2022 11:51 AM
52741RADOSBugNewNormalpg inconsistent state is lost after the primary osd restartRonen Friedman11/03/2021 06:58 AM
52992RADOSFeatureNewNormalEnhance auto-repair capabilities to handle stat mismatch scrub errorsRonen Friedman10/20/2021 07:24 PMScrub/Repair
52609RADOSFeatureFix Under ReviewNormalNew PG states for pending scrubs / repairsRonen Friedman10/13/2021 01:53 PMScrub/Repair
52058RADOSBugNewNormalosd/scrub performance issue: multiple redundant "updates-applied" scrub eventsRonen Friedman08/06/2021 10:07 PM
52686RADOSBugFix Under ReviewLowscrub: deep-scrub command does not initiate a scrubRonen Friedman09/21/2021 08:47 PM
48719RADOSBugFix Under ReviewLowceph: qa/standalone/scrub/ erroneous 'Recovery never started' failureRonen Friedman01/13/2021 12:33 AM

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