Bug #9048

missing some more trusty change

Added by Dan Mick about 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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Various bits were missed with the addition of trusty, mostly revolving around the local minion repo build (not used in the product deployment). This issue is to track those bits.


#1 Updated by Dan Mick about 7 years ago

  • Status changed from In Progress to 7

#2 Updated by Dan Mick about 7 years ago

  • Target version changed from v1.2.1-rc1 to 1.3-dev4

#3 Updated by Christina Meno about 7 years ago

[ubuntu@vpm145 calamari]$ ssh vpm066
Last login: Wed Sep 10 15:02:46 2014 from

Appliance: rhel-6.5-cloudinit appliance 1.0
Hostname: vpm066
IP Address:

[ubuntu@vpm066 ~]$ curl | sudo python
% Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
101 4345 0 4345 0 0 4711 0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:-- 4727

rhel6-calamari | 2.9 kB 00:00
rhel6-calamari/primary_db | 10 kB 00:00

PyYAML.x86_64 3.10-3.el6 calamari-minion
audit-libs.x86_64 2.2-4.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
avahi-libs.x86_64 0.6.25-12.el6_5.3 rhel-6-repo
ca-certificates.noarch 2014.1.98-65.0.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
coreutils.x86_64 8.4-31.el6_5.2 rhel-6-repo
coreutils-libs.x86_64 8.4-31.el6_5.2 rhel-6-repo
cpio.x86_64 2.10-12.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
cups.x86_64 1:1.4.2-52.el6_5.2 rhel-6-repo
cups-libs.x86_64 1:1.4.2-52.el6_5.2 rhel-6-repo
curl.x86_64 7.29.0-6.el6 ceph
device-mapper-persistent-data.x86_64 0.2.8-4.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
diamond.noarch 3.4.582-0 rhel6-calamari
dracut.noarch 004-336.el6_5.2 rhel-6-repo
dracut-kernel.noarch 004-336.el6_5.2 rhel-6-repo
e2fsprogs.x86_64 1.41.12-18.el6_5.1 rhel-6-repo
e2fsprogs-libs.x86_64 1.41.12-18.el6_5.1 rhel-6-repo
ethtool.x86_64 2:3.5-1.4.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
gdb.x86_64 7.2-64.el6_5.2 rhel-6-repo
glib2.x86_64 2.26.1-7.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
glibc.x86_64 2.12-1.132.el6_5.4 rhel-6-repo
glibc-common.x86_64 2.12-1.132.el6_5.4 rhel-6-repo
glibc-devel.x86_64 2.12-1.132.el6_5.4 rhel-6-repo
glibc-headers.x86_64 2.12-1.132.el6_5.4 rhel-6-repo
gnutls.x86_64 2.8.5-14.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
grep.x86_64 2.6.3-4.el6_5.1 rhel-6-repo
grub.x86_64 1:0.97-84.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
initscripts.x86_64 9.03.40-2.el6_5.4 rhel-6-repo
iproute.x86_64 2.6.32-32.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
java-1.6.0-openjdk.x86_64 1: rhel-6-repo
java-1.6.0-openjdk-devel.x86_64 1: rhel-6-repo
kernel.x86_64 2.6.32-431.29.2.el6 rhel-6-repo
kernel-firmware.noarch 2.6.32-431.29.2.el6 rhel-6-repo
kernel-headers.x86_64 2.6.32-431.29.2.el6 rhel-6-repo
kpartx.x86_64 0.4.9-72.el6_5.3 rhel-6-repo
krb5-libs.x86_64 1.10.3-15.el6_5.1 rhel-6-repo
libXfont.x86_64 1.4.5-3.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
libblkid.x86_64 2.17.2-12.14.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
libcom_err.x86_64 1.41.12-18.el6_5.1 rhel-6-repo
libcurl.x86_64 7.29.0-6.el6 ceph
libjpeg-turbo.x86_64 1.2.1-3.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
libss.x86_64 1.41.12-18.el6_5.1 rhel-6-repo
libtasn1.x86_64 2.3-6.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
libtiff.x86_64 3.9.4-10.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
libtirpc.x86_64 0.2.1-6.el6_5.2 rhel-6-repo
libuuid.x86_64 2.17.2-12.14.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
libuuid-devel.x86_64 2.17.2-12.14.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
libxml2.x86_64 2.7.6-14.el6_5.2 rhel-6-repo
libyaml.x86_64 0.1.6-1.el6 calamari-minion
mdadm.x86_64 3.2.6-7.el6_5.2 rhel-6-repo
mesa-dri-drivers.x86_64 9.2-0.5.el6_5.2 rhel-6-repo
mesa-dri-filesystem.x86_64 9.2-0.5.el6_5.2 rhel-6-repo
mesa-libGL.x86_64 9.2-0.5.el6_5.2 rhel-6-repo
mesa-libGLU.x86_64 9.2-0.5.el6_5.2 rhel-6-repo
nfs-utils.x86_64 1:1.2.3-39.el6_5.3 rhel-6-repo
nfs-utils-lib.x86_64 1.1.5-6.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
nspr.x86_64 4.10.6-1.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
nss.x86_64 3.16.1-4.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
nss-softokn.x86_64 3.14.3-10.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
nss-softokn-freebl.x86_64 3.14.3-10.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
nss-sysinit.x86_64 3.16.1-4.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
nss-tools.x86_64 3.16.1-4.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
nss-util.x86_64 3.16.1-1.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
openjpeg-libs.x86_64 1.3-10.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
openldap.x86_64 2.4.23-34.el6_5.1 rhel-6-repo
openssl.x86_64 1.0.1e-16.el6_5.15 rhel-6-repo
openssl098e.x86_64 0.9.8e-18.el6_5.2 rhel-6-repo
p11-kit.x86_64 0.18.5-2.el6_5.2 rhel-6-repo
p11-kit-trust.x86_64 0.18.5-2.el6_5.2 rhel-6-repo
phonon-backend-gstreamer.x86_64 1:4.6.2-28.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
pixman.x86_64 0.26.2-5.1.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
plymouth.x86_64 0.8.3-27.el6_5.1 rhel-6-repo
plymouth-core-libs.x86_64 0.8.3-27.el6_5.1 rhel-6-repo
plymouth-scripts.x86_64 0.8.3-27.el6_5.1 rhel-6-repo
psmisc.x86_64 22.6-19.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
python.x86_64 2.6.6-52.el6 rhel-6-repo
python-libs.x86_64 2.6.6-52.el6 rhel-6-repo
qt.x86_64 1:4.6.2-28.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
qt-sqlite.x86_64 1:4.6.2-28.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
qt-x11.x86_64 1:4.6.2-28.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
salt.noarch 2014.1.10-4.el6 rhel6-calamari
salt-minion.noarch 2014.1.10-4.el6 rhel6-calamari
sysstat.x86_64 9.0.4-22.el6_5.1 rhel-6-repo
tzdata.noarch 2014e-1.el6 rhel-6-repo
tzdata-java.noarch 2014e-1.el6 rhel-6-repo
upstart.x86_64 0.6.5-13.el6_5.3 rhel-6-repo
util-linux-ng.x86_64 2.17.2-12.14.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
yum.noarch 3.2.29-43.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
yum-utils.noarch 1.1.30-17.el6_5 rhel-6-repo
Setting up Install Process
Resolving Dependencies
--> Running transaction check
---> Package salt-minion.noarch 0:2014.1.5-1.el6 will be updated
---> Package salt-minion.noarch 0:2014.1.10-4.el6 will be an update
--> Processing Dependency: salt = 2014.1.10-4.el6 for package: salt-minion-2014.1.10-4.el6.noarch
--> Running transaction check
---> Package salt.noarch 0:2014.1.5-1.el6 will be updated
---> Package salt.noarch 0:2014.1.10-4.el6 will be an update
--> Processing Dependency: python-libcloud for package: salt-2014.1.10-4.el6.noarch
--> Finished Dependency Resolution
Error: Package: salt-2014.1.10-4.el6.noarch (rhel6-calamari)
Requires: python-libcloud
You could try using --skip-broken to work around the problem
You could try running: rpm -Va --nofiles --nodigest
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<stdin>", line 118, in <module>
File "/usr/lib64/python2.6/", line 505, in check_call
raise CalledProcessError(retcode, cmd)
subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command '['yum', 'install', '-y', 'salt-minion']' returned non-zero exit status 1

#4 Updated by Dan Mick about 7 years ago

  • Status changed from 7 to Resolved

Yeah, so, as noted elsewhere, this is probably the newer salt 2014.1.10 adding a dependency on python-libcloud, and is a new problem in the repobuild/ for Centos. (repobuild doesn't try to freeze versions.)

Anyway, should be another bug. I'm marking this one as resolved.

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