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"ceph config set mgr" command -- how to set it in ceph.conf

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<bl___> confusing. if I have configuration command like `ceph config set mgr mgr/cephadm/daemon_cache_timeout` how could I set the same option in `ceph.conf`? specifically the `mgr/cephadm/` part is very confusing and I could not find documentation about this kind of configuration syntax (looking at )
<bl___> zdover, one of my frustrations with the docs ;)

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Updated by Zac Dover over 1 year ago

<zdover> bl___, your question about how to set options in ceph.conf that can be set with "ceph config set mgr" commands is now tracked in a Documentation Bug here, and will be answered as soon as I get to it.
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    <bl___> Well in general what does the prefix in a config like `mgr/cephadm/some_option` mean. There is some explanation in but it does not discuss this syntax
    <bl___> so right now when there's an option like `mgr/cephadm/daemon_cache_timeout` I have no idea how that could be added to `ceph.conf`
    <bl___> also even more: I see a rather new cephadm feature is `config:` key in cluster specification YAML file. so that's one more way to configure things and this one is not explained anywhere I think
    <bl___> zdover, so, also how could such an option be added to cluster spec. in general how to work with configuration and the link above is great but it's just missing these newer features. or if these features should be documented elsewhere then the rados page should at least link to that other place.
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Updated by Zac Dover over 1 year ago

<bl___> zdover, I don't know if this is about the same config: I've seen command `ceph config-key set` that works with these looking config, for example `ceph config-key set mgr/cephadm/hostname/grafana_key` while the example I listed earlier was not set with `ceph config-key` it was set with `ceph config` - it's just plain confusing for a noob.


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