Bug #57933

Do package update on base images before building image to reduce Vulnerability

Added by Pratik Raj 3 months ago.

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3 - minor
Affected Versions:
v0.20, v0.21, v0.21.1, v0.21.2, v0.21.3, v0.21.4, v0.22, v0.22.1, v0.22.2, v0.22.3, v0.23, v0.23.1, v0.23.2, v0.24, v0.24.1, v0.24.2, v0.24.3, v0.25, v0.25.1, v0.25.2, v0.25.3, v0.26, v0.26.1, v0.27, v0.27.1, v0.28, v0.29, v0.30, v0.31, v0.32, v0.33, v0.34, v0.35, v0.36, v0.37, v0.38, v0.39, v0.40, v0.41, v0.42, v0.43, v0.44, v0.45, v0.46, v0.47, v0.48, v0.49, v0.50, v0.51, v0.52a, v0.53a, v0.53b, v0.53c, v0.54a, v0.54b, v0.55a, v0.55b, v0.55c, v0.55d, v0.56, v0.57a, v0.57b, v0.57c, v0.58, v0.59, v0.60, v0.61 - Cuttlefish, v0.62a, v0.62b, v0.63, v0.64, v0.65, v0.66, v0.67 - Dumpling, v0.67rc, v0.67rc - continued, v0.68, v0.68 - continued, v0.69, v0.70, v0.71, v0.72 Emperor, v0.73, v0.74, v0.75, v0.76a, v0.76b, v0.77, 0.78, 0.79, 0.80rc, 0.80, v0.81, 0.82, 0.83, 0.83 cont., 0.84, 0.84 cont., 0.85, 0.85 cont., 0.86, 0.88, 0.89, 0.90, v.91, v.actually90, v.actually91, v0.92, v0.93 - Last Hammer Sprint, v0.94, v0.95, v9.0.2, v9.0.3, v9.0.4, v9.0.5, v9.0.6, v9.0.7, v9.0.8, v10.0.4, v0.80.10, v0.80.11, v0.80.12, v0.94.10, v0.94.11, v0.94.2, v0.94.3, v0.94.4, v0.94.5, v0.94.6, v0.94.7, v0.94.8, v0.94.9, v10.0.0, v10.1.1, v10.2.0, v10.2.1, v10.2.10, v10.2.11, v10.2.12, v10.2.2, v10.2.3, v10.2.4, v10.2.5, v10.2.6, v10.2.7, v10.2.8, v10.2.9, v11.1.0, v11.2.0, v11.2.1, v11.2.2, v12.0.0, v12.1.0, v12.2.0, v12.2.1, v12.2.10, v12.2.11, v12.2.12, v12.2.13, v12.2.14, v12.2.2, v12.2.3, v12.2.4, v12.2.5, v12.2.6, v12.2.7, v12.2.8, v12.2.9, v13.0.0, v13.2.0, v13.2.1, v13.2.10, v13.2.11, v13.2.2, v13.2.3, v13.2.4, v13.2.5, v13.2.6, v13.2.7, v13.2.8, v13.2.9, v14.0.0, v14.1.0, v14.1.1, v14.2.0, v14.2.1, v14.2.10, v14.2.11, v14.2.12, v14.2.13, v14.2.14, v14.2.15, v14.2.16, v14.2.17, v14.2.18, v14.2.19, v14.2.2, v14.2.20, v14.2.21, v14.2.22, v14.2.23, v14.2.3, v14.2.4, v14.2.5, v14.2.6, v14.2.7, v14.2.8, v14.2.9, v15.0.0, v15.1.0, v15.1.1, v15.2.0, v15.2.1, v15.2.10, v15.2.11, v15.2.12, v15.2.13, v15.2.14, v15.2.15, v15.2.16, v15.2.17, v15.2.2, v15.2.3, v15.2.4, v15.2.5, v15.2.6, v15.2.7, v15.2.8, v15.2.9, v16.0.0, v16.0.1, v16.1.0, v16.1.1, v16.2.0, v16.2.1, v16.2.10, v16.2.11, v16.2.2, v16.2.3, v16.2.4, v16.2.5, v16.2.6, v16.2.7, v16.2.8, v16.2.9, v17.0.0, v17.1.0, v17.2.0, v17.2.1, v17.2.2, v17.2.3, v17.2.4, v17.2.5, v17.2.6, v18.0.0, v9.1.1, v9.2.1, v9.2.2
ceph-ansible, ceph-deploy, ceph-disk, fs, kcephfs, knfs, krbd, multimds, performance, powercycle, rados, rbd, rest, rgw, samba, smoke, teuthology, upgrade/client-upgrade, upgrade/dumpling, upgrade/dumpling-firefly-x, upgrade/dumpling-x, upgrade/firefly, upgrade/firefly-hammer-x, upgrade/firefly-x, upgrade/giant, upgrade/giant-x, upgrade/hammer, upgrade/hammer-jewel-x, upgrade/hammer-kraken-x, upgrade/hammer-x, upgrade/infernalis, upgrade/infernalis-x, upgrade/jewel-x, upgrade/kraken-x, upgrade/luminous-p2p, upgrade/luminous-x, upgrade/mimic-p2p, upgrade/mimic-x, upgrade/nautilus-p2p, upgrade/nautilus-x, upgrade/octopus-x, upgrade/pacific-x, upgrade/quincy-x
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What should the feature do:

Update the package definition update on base images before building image to install latest available package.

What would be solved through this feature:

Updating and installing latest package will help to reduce Vulnerability

Does this have an impact on existing features:

This shouldn't as ceph related package will install their required dependencies.

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