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Sepia Lab Access Request

Added by Maya Gilad over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

User access
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1) Do you just need VPN access or will you also be running teuthology jobs?
Yes, I need VPN access and will also run teuthology

2) Desired Username:

3) Alternate e-mail address(es) we can reach you at:

4) If you don't already have an established history of code contributions to Ceph, is there an existing community or core developer you've worked with who has reviewed your work and can vouch for your access request?
Josh Salomon ()

If you answered "No" to # 4, please answer the following (paste directly below the question to keep indentation):

4a) Paste a link to a Blueprint or planning doc of yours that was reviewed at a Ceph Developer Monthly.

4b) Paste a link to an accepted pull request for a major patch or feature.

4c) If applicable, include a link to the current project (planning doc, dev branch, or pull request) that you are looking to test.

5) Paste your SSH public key(s) between the pre tags

ssh-rsa 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

6) Paste your hashed VPN credentials between the pre tags (Format: user@hostname 22CharacterSalt 65CharacterHashedPassword)

mayagilad@mayagilad-ThinkPad-T480 AGw0uOFkRU6SX8Kp3nyGuA d29a792aad9cc6038dfc2e3471f6556b50ef73562b1bc6231c39d8daf20a19d0


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Hey Josh Salomon, Can you vouch for Maya's access request?



#2 Updated by Josh Salomon over 1 year ago

Hi Adam,
I absolutely vouch for Maya.

#3 Updated by adam kraitman over 1 year ago

Hi Maya,

You should have access to the Sepia lab now. Please verify you're able to connect to the vpn and ssh using the private key matching the pubkey you provided.

Be sure to check out the following links for final workstation setup steps:

Most developers choose to schedule runs from the shared teuthology VM. For information on that, see

If you plan on scheduling tests, one of the options you'll need to set with teuthology-suite is -p, --priority. Please refrain from using a priority lower than 101 (lower number = higher priority). When a high priority is used, it locks up too many testnodes at once and prevents other developers from testing changes.


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