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PG/ReplicatedPG API

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work in progress

  • The goal is not to factor out a base class from which an ErasureEncodedPG could be derived, it is to reverse engineer the PG API
  • PG/ReplicatedPG are really a single class although they grew from two different classes, back when RAID4 was to be implemented : the difference between the two gradually disapeared
  • Define an API ( IPG ? ) class for PG/ReplicatedPG
  • Change the code using PG/ReplicatedPG to use the API class rather than the actual PG/RepliatedPG classes
    • this may involve modifying the code of the calling classes to use accessors when data members are referenced
    • the callers are not otherwise modified, to minimize the change
    • it is assumed that the the API is defined by what is used and no attempt is made to improve
  • Tests are written for the API to cover 100% of the LOC and most of the expected functionalities implemented by PG/ReplicatedPG.


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(07:54:30 PM) sjust: I think the IPG stuff is a bit premature
(07:55:38 PM) sjust: for example, a PG interface probably shouldn't have get_need_up_thru
(07:55:52 PM) sjust: instead, the pg should register a request for an up_thru change with the OSD
(07:56:10 PM) sjust: anyway, the first step is to factor out components from the PG as much as possible
(07:56:14 PM) sjust: they will be easier to test
(07:56:23 PM) sjust: and it will make it easier to specify the IPG interface later
(07:57:47 PM) sjust: IPG wouldn't specify an ObjectContext implementation necessarily either
(07:58:27 PM) sjust: that should be relocated into it's own component which handles object locking and object context ref tracking
(07:58:45 PM) sjust: same with RepGather
(07:59:08 PM) sjust: both are just internal details of how ReplicatedPG (and hopefully also ErasureCodedPG) manage in progress IO

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