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Feature #47072: mgr/dashboard: Usability Improvements

mgr/dashboard: cluster > services

Added by Ernesto Puerta about 3 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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The service view has a number of quirks currently that need to be resolved

  1. When expanding a service, you see the daemons - but this table doesn’t have a title. This element is also visible in the Hosts properties too.
    1. The daemons component should have a title, like the inventory component for consistency and to explain what it is to new users.
    2. As mentioned earlier - daemons needs a management capability
  2. Some services don’t show a ‘tick’ to say it’s running. It looks like if the service is >1 daemon the entry in the services table is blank.
    1. The running state should always be shown
  3. Size is not helpful.
    1. The placement properties for the service should be shown
  4. Last Refreshed suffers from the same verbose timestamp as the daemons table
  5. There is no UI means of defining a service


Bug #49146: mgr/dashboard: service create lists mgr/mon and crashNewErnesto Puerta

Bug #49147: mgr/dashboard: admin can issue a create service for an existing serviceNewErnesto Puerta

Bug #49148: mgr/dashboard: when creating a new service, the role of placement and count is not clear in the UINewErnesto Puerta

Bug #49154: mgr/dashboard: removing a service switches it to unmanaged in the UI but will block it in the CLINewErnesto Puerta

Feature #49262: mgr/dashboard: provide the service events when showing a service in the UIResolvedAashish Sharma

Bug #50319: mgr/dashboard: fix HAProxy (now called ingress)Resolved

Feature #50322: mgr/dashboard: add restart/reload daemonsResolvedPere Díaz Bou

Cleanup #50323: mgr/dashboard: refactor service tableNewAvan Thakkar

Feature #53077: mgr/dashboard: edit servicesResolvedNizamudeen A

Tasks #53159: mgr/dashboard: NFS service: allow service port selectionNewAlfonso Martínez


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