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Added by Ernesto Puerta about 2 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Feature #50312: mgr/dashboard: create OSD directly from device in InventoryNew

Cleanup #50314: mgr/dashboard: rename "inventory" to "disks"ResolvedKumar Navin Barnwal


#1 Updated by Ernesto Puerta about 2 years ago

The inventory is basically a view of all discovered disk media across the hosts, which means this is the interface for all disk management interactions. The current UI provides an Identify button to activate the IDENT LED on a given drive, but this current approach has a number of problems. The items below all depend on the PR (which is now merged)

This tracker should be broken down in the following 4 ones:

  1. The ability to control the IDENT/FAULT light is a feature of the drive - not all drives support it - but the UI doesn’t account for that
    1. Disks should provide indications of LED support
    2. The UI should disable LED actions against drives that don’t support the control
  2. Only IDENT is supported currently
    1. The UI should support IDENT and FAULT actions
  3. Health is not a column presented for the disk
    1. Each disk should have a corresponding Health column. Since LED control is via libstoragemgmt (lsm), it makes sense to use lsm’s view of health
  4. The disk does not show the device's serial number. The admin needs to be able to correlate between Ceph and the BMC - serial number would provide that.
    1. Each disk should include the serial number.

#2 Updated by Lenz Grimmer about 2 years ago

I like these ideas and suggestions. However, they all require changes to be made to the underlying infrastructure (outside of the dashboard codebase) first, so these items need to be broken off as subtasks.

#3 Updated by Lenz Grimmer about 2 years ago

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