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librados|libcephfs: use latest MonMap when creating from CephContext

Added by Patrick Donnelly 19 days ago. Updated 10 days ago.

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If the monitor IPs are given at startup via the `--mon_host` switch, those IPs are used for the duration of the process lifetime even if the monitors have been moved elsewhere (e.g. by Rook).

Teach the MonClient to update the CephContext with the current monitor addresses so future instantiations of libcephfs/librados get the correct mon IPs.


#1 Updated by Shyamsundar Ranganathan 10 days ago

Capturing a mail conversation on direction of fix:



MonClient::handle_monmap handles the message CEPH_MSG_MON_MAP. As a part
of handling the above message, we should also update global
CephContext->_conf such that newer instances of MonClient in the same
address space, is able to pick up the updated MONs from the CephContext
during initialization, rather than relying on bootstrap settings.
e.g from:
- libcephfs::ceph_mount_info::init
- librados::RadosClient::connect

Right. Keep in mind that CephContext used to be global (I believe) but
recently became instantiated with some library state (like librados)..
librados/libcephfs allow you to use an existing CephContext during
init so CephContext can be shared.

MonMap::build_initial is responsible to look at various sources for the
MON map and build an initial MonMap from the same. This method looks at
the CephCluster configuration section "monmap" first, and then with
"mon_host", file(entire configs), "mon_dns_srv_name" sections till one
is found.

We would need to either overwrite one of the above conf sections with
the updated monmap, add a new section to the config (that is looked up
first by MonMap::build-initial) or, store it in as a class variable(?).

I think the right approach here is to
have MonClient store the latest MonMap in the CephContext (or just the
Mons entity_addrvec_t's if MonMap is generally large). Use that if
available before using configs/"monmap".

1) Where to store the updated MonMap

a) Add another conf section to CephContext, say "monmap-updates", and
store updated contents in there, reading from this conf section first
for future calls into MonMap::build_initial
- Preserves original config sections as is

b) Update the "monmap" section
- Requires converting the MMonMap message into "monmap" format for
future use
- Overwrites whatever was present in the initial "monmap"

c) (for completeness) MonMap class variable?

2) Format of the data to store

a) Store the contents of MonMap::decode into a stream in CephCluster
config using 1.a/c scheme

b) We could store the entire MMonMap message, as is, in the config
(assuming 1.a/c above)

c) In case of 1.b we would need to parse and store it in the existing
"monmap" format
- Decode MMonMap message extracting required information and store it as
in 1.b
- Seems lossy in terms of data that we could store

3) We would also need to handle this in crimson::Client::handle_monmap,

4) For tests enhance, src/test/mon/
- test build_initial with a refreshed MonMap, and ensure initial list
is built correctly

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