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cephadm: Improve Service removal docs

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First of all, yes I know, nfs under ceph orch is still under development but I couldn't find any information about this issue:

I Was testing nfs deployment with the orchestrator. Done with my testing, I tried to remove it again.
That did not work or I did it wrong, because the daemon itself is not there anymore but I still can see the orchestrator is trying to deploy it.
Deletion was tried with "ceph orch daemon rm nfs.cephnfs.node04" and I also tried to unmanage it with "ceph orch apply nfs cephnfs cephfs host04 --unmanaged" (because you have to enter the whole command unlike in the mon or mgr context) but it's still there.

Here the debug log:

2020-06-11T13:44:19.582889+0200 mgr.node01.qloqjv [DBG] Applying service nfs.cephnfs spec
2020-06-11T13:44:19.583013+0200 mgr.node01.qloqjv [DBG] Provided hosts: [HostPlacementSpec(hostname='node01', network='', name='')]
2020-06-11T13:44:19.583080+0200 mgr.node01.qloqjv [DBG] hosts with daemons: set()
2020-06-11T13:44:19.583153+0200 mgr.node01.qloqjv [INF] Saving service nfs.cephnfs spec with placement node01
2020-06-11T13:44:19.645643+0200 mgr.node01.qloqjv [DBG] Placing nfs.cephnfs.node01 on host node01
2020-06-11T13:44:19.645906+0200 mgr.node01.qloqjv [DBG] SpecStore: find spec for nfs.cephnfs returned: [NFSServiceSpec({'placement': PlacementSpec(hosts=[HostPlacementSpec(hostname='node01', network='', name='')]), 'service_type': 'nfs', 'service_id': 'cephnfs', 'unmanaged': False, 'pool': 'cephfs', 'namespace': 'clouds'})]
2020-06-11T13:44:19.646095+0200 mgr.node01.qloqjv [INF] Create keyring: client.nfs.cephnfs.node01
2020-06-11T13:44:19.647348+0200 mgr.node01.qloqjv [DBG] mon_command: 'auth get-or-create' -> 0 in 0.001s
2020-06-11T13:44:19.647458+0200 mgr.node01.qloqjv [INF] Updating keyring caps: client.nfs.cephnfs.node01
2020-06-11T13:44:19.712477+0200 mgr.node01.qloqjv [DBG] mon_command: 'auth caps' -> 0 in 0.065s
2020-06-11T13:44:19.713129+0200 mgr.node01.qloqjv [WRN] Failed to apply nfs.cephnfs spec NFSServiceSpec({'placement': PlacementSpec(hosts=[HostPlacementSpec(hostname='node01', network='', name='')]), 'service_type': 'nfs', 'service_id': 'cephnfs', 'unmanaged': False, 'pool': 'cephfs', 'namespace': 'clouds'}): [errno 2] RADOS object not found (error opening pool 'b'cephfs'')

Also if I do the Export "ceph orch ls --export > orch.yaml" there I can see my failed configurations, so those never got deleted.
But manually edit the yaml and re-deploy it with that does not work either, because the orchestrator is not overwriting the config, instead it's applying it.

As a Workaround, is there a Way to delete everything regarding nfs in the orchestrator?


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#2 Updated by Sebastian Wagner 11 months ago

ceph orch rm nfs...

should do the trick.

#3 Updated by Simon Sutter 11 months ago

Yes, it worked when I entered the command above vor every service.
So I deleted every nfs service and daemon and started from the beginning.
I did a:

ceph orch apply nfs cephnfs data_fs --placement=5

And now the services are getting applyed correctly.
The configuration is a manual task.
Would be good to write down in the documaentation, how to delete the daemons the right way, and when to use
ceph orch daemon rm

and when to use
ceph orch remove

Or explain at least what the difference between a daemon and a service is.

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