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mgr/dashboard: simplify Grafana checker ("")

Added by Ernesto Puerta about 4 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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It seems that "" checks that Grafana front-end UIDs match the UIDs in Grafana dasboard JSON definitions.

A simpler and more sustainable approach could be taken instead:
- Those UIDs that identify every Grafana Dashboard can be any string between 8-40 chards ( So, instead of using the not-very-intuitive UIDs "41FrpeUiz", "x5ARzZtmk", "rtOg0AiWz" for the "rbd-overview.json", "host-details.json", etc., why not using "rbd-overview", "host-details", etc.? That allows the script to simply check that the "$UID.json" in the front-end matches an existing filename and its UID with no need to inspect all the files.


#1 Updated by Kiefer Chang about 4 years ago

There is a TODO enhancement in
We can use this issue for tracking too.

#2 Updated by Ernesto Puerta about 4 years ago

Thanks for clarifying that Kiefer!

The approach suggested by Kanika is ok too. However, it still requires a mapping between every <cd-grafana> "grafana-dashboard-name" (human-friendly name I assume) to another UID in a mapping file. We may mix that with my suggestion with Kanika's and that would result in:
  • RBD component has a "<cd-grafana->" component with attribute "grafana-dashboard-name" = "rbd-overview",
  • which is resolved in a mapping constant file as "rbd-overview = rbd-overview.json".

So the mapping file then would be kind of trivial. A different approach would be that <cd-grafana> is able to `auto-infer` where it's placed and present the corresponding dashboard. I still need think more about it to see whether it's good or risky approach. I like auto-magic things, but too auto-magic can be dangerous.

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