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mgr/dashboard: Allow expanding/collapsing the data table

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In some table views, e.g. the Pools page, we provide additional details as well as Grafana dashboards below the data table. It would be nice if it would be possible to collapse the datatable in order to make up more room for the information displayed below of the table.

Downstream description of the issue: "when viewing some of the dashboard screens, there is far more information that will fit on a screen. Allow the individual sections to be "minimized", thus allowing the rest of the information to fill the available real-estate. An example would be the Pools page. Allows the pools list to be minimized thus allowing any data below (performance dashboard for example) to fill the majority of the screen."

sheet_side.jpg View - Sheet side (151 KB) Sebastian Krah, 10/22/2019 09:00 AM

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- Need a way to make it possible to see details (below the data table) more easily

- Does user still need to see the info in the master data table above?
- Is scrolling acceptable as there’s some views where the data is “hidden” till you scroll to see it (and it may not be obvious that there’s more data than is displayed.

Different ways to allow for expanding/collapsing the data table:
- Expand / collapse data table. If we go this path, we need to make the expand and collapse indicator very obvious, and when something is collapse, perhaps show a banner or residue of the collapse section visible with some messaging to provide a hint to the user how to expand it.
- Pop out the detail area (see gmail example:
- Alternative ideas to doing expansion with hide/show capabilities:, but this may be a considerable effort.
- Slider to split the page horizontally which would allow viewing both master table and details area at same time but with flexibility to user to slide which area has more screen real estate vs. the other. See Microsoft Excel as an example. Microsoft Excel has a Freeze columns/rows in a list feature to help with this, which is also another option.

I'm sure thee are other options, but the expand/collapse seems reasonable. Alternatively, the pop-out option is also a consideration.


#4 Updated by Patrick Seidensal 9 months ago

About the solution for collapsing/expanding:

As this seems to be about being able to hide the table to make the details of an entry of that table more visible, I suggest to keep the details of the selected entry visible, when the table is hidden.

For instance, if the table shows some details

a 128 replicated 20%
b 64  erasure    80%
c 246 replicated 50%

I'd like to see the

b 64  erasure    80%

even if the table is collapsed. These are the details I might still be interested in, although the table is collapsed, as the details/charts/tables/forms below that entry refer to this entry.

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My suggestion would be to move the supplementary content to a sheet on the right side according to:
This is common practise at least for google products.

I've already created a mock up as you can see in the screenshot below. What are your thoughts?

Sheet side

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