Bug #21822

"ceph-ansible has been failing..."

Added by Yuri Weinstein almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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from IRC chat:

(12:35:16 PM) yuriw: ceph-ansible has been failing for last 5 days
(12:35:16 PM) yuriw: vasu andrewschoen can you please take a look ^ ?
(12:37:16 PM) vasu: yuriw: that is what i am chasing downstream as well, recent change in ceph code You must set pg num for your cephfs pools, see the cephfs_pools variable.
(12:38:18 PM) yuriw: PR or anything else related to this ?
(12:38:53 PM) vasu: actually in this case you can add this to vars/folder             osd pool default pg num: 64           osd pool default pgp num: 64
(12:53:49 PM) vasu: yuriw: also set mon_max_pg_per_osd: 1024 or something to avoid other errors, check
(12:54:29 PM) yuriw: vasu: are you fixing this ?
(12:55:04 PM) vasu: yuriw: i wont be today but if you want to go ahead and test that will be great
(01:00:25 PM) yuriw: looks right  ?
(01:00:31 PM) yuriw: vasu ^
(01:01:28 PM) vasu: yuriw: yep, also add, osd pool default pgp num: 64
(01:01:48 PM) yuriw: its  there
(01:02:40 PM) vasu: i see pg num not pgp num
(01:03:43 PM) yuriw: see now
(01:03:43 PM) yuriw: why are we having this things falling through the cracks ?
(01:04:51 PM) vasu: brb
(01:10:11 PM) vasu: yuriw: yeah that one is good


#1 Updated by Yuri Weinstein almost 2 years ago

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#2 Updated by Yuri Weinstein almost 2 years ago

  • Release set to luminous

#4 Updated by Yuri Weinstein almost 2 years ago

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#5 Updated by Vasu Kulkarni almost 2 years ago

the real issue discussion

<yuriw> what's the line for "make sure pg num is set for cephfs pools" ? 
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<batrick> uh
<batrick> is this running ceph-ansible master branch?
<yuriw> luminous
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<yuriw> batrick:  what do we need to make it pass on luminous ?
<batrick> something like that but I'm not sure how that maps to the teuthology config file
<batrick> you should run this by leseb 
<yuriw> yea no clue :(
<yuriw> vasu would you talk to leseb ?
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<vasu> yuriw: in pr -> We now have a variable called ceph_pools that is mandatory when deploying a MDS. It's a dictionnary that contains a pool name and a PG coun
<yuriw> please add comment to PR
<vasu> yuriw: something like this i guess, we can check with andrewschoen 
<vasu> those double quote should be name actually
<batrick> yes that's what it's supposed to be
<batrick> remove the curly braces/spaces
<batrick> and 64 needs to be quoted (it's a string)
<vasu> thanks
<yuriw> show final please 
<andrewschoen> vasu: this is how I'd write that
<vasu> awesome, yuriw ^^
<vasu> i think we dont need "{{ substitution , it can be any name
<yuriw> vasu andrewschoen ?
<yuriw> yes?
<vasu> yuriw: looks correct
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<andrewschoen> looks good

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