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radosgw/s3 chunked transfer encodings and fast_forward_request

Added by Marcus Watts over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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#1 Updated by Marcus Watts over 5 years ago

I have fix for this problem.

I've tested this with swiftest, s3tests, & the problem hadoop-aws test case. Passes all 3 no problems.
Note this is just the PR for civetweb; there needs to be a companion one against ceph proper once it's been reviewed and committed to the ceph copy of civetweb (and has a stable commit-id).

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fast_forward_request does not properly consume unread input when chunked transfer encodings are used. This causes a hadoop s3a test to fail (TestS3AFastOutputStream) because for some reason it tries to initiate a multipart upload using chunked encoding. Since the initiate operation doesn't have any input, the rest code doesn't consume the "0" that indicated there were in fact no chunks, so the 0 is instead seen as a separate invalid request.

I'm including a file here "" which is a tiny piece of strace output of the test program showing it issuing the POST and what it gets back from radosgw as a result.

This only affects jewel; kraken & master have a newer version of civetweb that does not have this problem.

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