Bug #14107

librbd: fsx crash during clone

Added by Josh Durgin almost 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

Jason Dillaman
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3 - minor
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2015-12-17T11:05:11.577 'adjust-ulimits ceph-coverage /home/ubuntu/cephtest/archive/coverage ceph_test_librbd_fsx -d -W -R -p 100 -P /home/ubuntu/cephtest/archive -r 1 -w 1 -t 1 -h 1 -l 250000000 -S 0 -N 5000 pool_client.0 image_client.0'
2015-12-17T11:05:11.868 writes DISABLED
2015-12-17T11:05:11.869 reads DISABLED
2015-12-17T11:05:11.869 set to 311
2015-12-17T11:05:17.828 write    0x50bfeeb thru    0x50c1c2e    (0x1d44 bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:17.839 punch    from 0x2c07a91 to 0x2c0b337, (0x38a6 bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:17.840 to largest ever: 0xccbf796
2015-12-17T11:05:17.859 trunc    from 0x50c1c2f to 0xccbf796
2015-12-17T11:05:17.888 trunc    from 0xccbf796 to 0xaf63f1b
2015-12-17T11:05:17.926 read    0x1b61455 thru    0x1b6ade9    (0x9995 bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:17.942 trunc    from 0xaf63f1b to 0x521bc4f
2015-12-17T11:05:17.977 read    0x58b65e thru    0x58d7ca    (0x216d bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:17.979 read    0x2518619 thru    0x2524471    (0xbe59 bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:17.980 write    0x5f6b61 thru    0x5fc3ef    (0x588f bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:17.988 read    0x2d4a5ff thru    0x2d51d99    (0x779b bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:17.990 read    0x49381c6 thru    0x4943bb0    (0xb9eb bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.014 write    0x666e004 thru    0x6677c41    (0x9c3e bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.065 write    0xbfae924 thru    0xbfb8f7b    (0xa658 bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.109 trunc    from 0xbfb8f7c to 0x1c78ef
2015-12-17T11:05:18.155 punch    from 0x9ec39 to 0xad975, (0xed3c bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.158 read    0x10883d thru    0x10e5e4    (0x5da8 bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.159 read    0x3a100 thru    0x3abaa    (0xaab bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.177 trunc    from 0x1c78ef to 0x7df1698
2015-12-17T11:05:18.196 punch    from 0x1d44662 to 0x1d4bb16, (0x74b4 bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.209 trunc    from 0x7df1698 to 0x4366d2f
2015-12-17T11:05:18.289 write    0xde6120d thru    0xde6bf58    (0xad4c bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.303 write    0xd272fc8 thru    0xd277270    (0x42a9 bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.338 write    0xe75214f thru    0xe759b1d    (0x79cf bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.347 write    0xd32a0ba thru    0xd32ba39    (0x1980 bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.353 punch    from 0xc658ce0 to 0xc65e097, (0x53b7 bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.381 trunc    from 0xe759b1e to 0x4b95cfc
2015-12-17T11:05:18.430 trunc    from 0x4b95cfc to 0x4ab698c
2015-12-17T11:05:18.452 read    0x3aaf39 thru    0x3ae95d    (0x3a25 bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.499 write    0xd690b28 thru    0xd697e5d    (0x7336 bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.511 read    0xc23fbad thru    0xc24e87e    (0xecd2 bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.511 punch    from 0x4cb40dd to 0x4cb48ce, (0x7f1 bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.525 trunc    from 0xd697e5e to 0x98b77e4
2015-12-17T11:05:18.558 write    0x8393710 thru    0x839a890    (0x7181 bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.579 write    0x3f053bc thru    0x3f0f2ee    (0x9f33 bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.593 read    0x8cb3cff thru    0x8cbb26e    (0x7570 bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.595 read    0xd166fb thru    0xd1cb6b    (0x6471 bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.598 punch    from 0x963225f to 0x9632de1, (0xb82 bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.599 read    0xc30527 thru    0xc34c71    (0x474b bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.600 write    0x4d77619 thru    0x4d86914    (0xf2fc bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.623 punch    from 0x29c4378 to 0x29d0035, (0xbcbd bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.625 write    0x56f53e9 thru    0x56fe573    (0x918b bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.642 read    0x876c1e6 thru    0x87797a5    (0xd5c0 bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.651 trunc    from 0x98b77e4 to 0x7a8d7c8
2015-12-17T11:05:18.681 read    0x2d88c02 thru    0x2d8dace    (0x4ecd bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.682 to largest ever: 0xebbd61c
2015-12-17T11:05:18.701 trunc    from 0x7a8d7c8 to 0xebbd61c
2015-12-17T11:05:18.755 trunc    from 0xebbd61c to 0x86df61b
2015-12-17T11:05:18.827 trunc    from 0x86df61b to 0x49fd31f
2015-12-17T11:05:18.879 punch    from 0x45c9c79 to 0x45d7a66, (0xdded bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.889 trunc    from 0x49fd31f to 0x1e065b2
2015-12-17T11:05:18.960 write    0xcab04e3 thru    0xcabaee9    (0xaa07 bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.972 write    0x5b2f627 thru    0x5b32de5    (0x37bf bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.981 write    0x8caf1a8 thru    0x8cb3e18    (0x4c71 bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.993 punch    from 0x1957b96 to 0x195a1d0, (0x263a bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.994 read    0x15efa80 thru    0x15fe420    (0xe9a1 bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:18.995 read    0x83e8b7e thru    0x83eeb9c    (0x601f bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:19.004 trunc    from 0xcabaeea to 0xa150119
2015-12-17T11:05:19.036 read    0x57ad6b2 thru    0x57b9fd8    (0xc927 bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:19.037 punch    from 0x57fd27c to 0x58052d2, (0x8056 bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:19.053 trunc    from 0xa150119 to 0xd881c09
2015-12-17T11:05:19.075 punch    from 0x2e96617 to 0x2ea2a42, (0xc42b bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:19.076 read    0x8fa6f1b thru    0x8fb5da3    (0xee89 bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:19.079 punch    from 0x99977c1 to 0x999f7fe, (0x803d bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:19.080 read    0x1f7bc08 thru    0x1f81a9e    (0x5e97 bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:19.109 trunc    from 0xd881c09 to 0x250ce0e
2015-12-17T11:05:19.180 write    0x5be37fa thru    0x5bf0cc0    (0xd4c7 bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:19.214 trunc    from 0x5bf0cc1 to 0xe312576
2015-12-17T11:05:19.234 punch    from 0x674af8b to 0x6750600, (0x5675 bytes)
2015-12-17T11:05:19.236 clone    1 order 18 su 16384 sc 2
2015-12-17T11:05:21.677 ERROR:teuthology.parallel:Exception in parallel execution
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/teuthworker/src/teuthology_master/teuthology/", line 82, in __exit__
    for result in self:
  File "/home/teuthworker/src/teuthology_master/teuthology/", line 101, in next
  File "/home/teuthworker/src/teuthology_master/teuthology/", line 19, in capture_traceback
    return func(*args, **kwargs)
  File "/home/teuthworker/src/ceph-qa-suite_jewel/tasks/", line 93, in _run_one_client
  File "/home/teuthworker/src/teuthology_master/teuthology/orchestra/", line 156, in run
    r = self._runner(client=self.ssh, name=self.shortname, **kwargs)
  File "/home/teuthworker/src/teuthology_master/teuthology/orchestra/", line 378, in run
  File "/home/teuthworker/src/teuthology_master/teuthology/orchestra/", line 110, in wait
    raise CommandCrashedError(command=self.command)
CommandCrashedError: Command crashed: 'adjust-ulimits ceph-coverage /home/ubuntu/cephtest/archive/coverage ceph_test_librbd_fsx -d -W -R -p 100 -P /home/ubuntu/cephtest/archive -r 1 -w 1 -t 1 -h 1 -l 250000000 -S 0 -N 5000 pool_client.0 image_client.0'

Associated revisions

Revision bab16bbb (diff)
Added by Jason Dillaman almost 7 years ago

librbd: stop the copyup thread during shutdown

Fixes: #14107, #14108
Signed-off-by: Jason Dillaman <>


#1 Updated by Jason Dillaman almost 7 years ago

  • Status changed from New to In Progress
  • Assignee set to Jason Dillaman

#2 Updated by Jason Dillaman almost 7 years ago

  • Status changed from In Progress to Fix Under Review

#3 Updated by Jason Dillaman almost 7 years ago

  • Status changed from Fix Under Review to Resolved

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