Feature #11766

rbd-mirror: basic structure

Added by Josh Durgin over 5 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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Subtask #14412: Track epoch and period for mirrored imagesResolvedJason Dillaman

Subtask #14413: Pull full image from remote peer when out-of-syncResolvedJason Dillaman

Subtask #14414: Add new "exclusive lock released" journal event to librbdClosed

Subtask #14415: Pull journal events from remote peer to local journalResolved

Subtask #14417: Interlock RBD mirroring daemon and acquiring exclusive lockResolved

Subtask #14419: RBD mirroring settings should be moved to new pool objectResolvedJosh Durgin

Subtask #14420: New RBD notification pool object for recording mirroring errorsResolved

Subtask #14421: Propagate image deletes from remote pool to local poolResolvedRicardo Dias

Subtask #14530: Journal close should be non-blockingResolvedJason Dillaman

Subtask #14663: Integrate librbd with journal tag allocationResolvedJason Dillaman

Subtask #14673: Asynchronously open and close image replayersResolved

Subtask #14739: Support deleting a journal when its being replayed by the RBD mirroring daemonCan't reproduce

Subtask #14869: journal library should re-use thread pool and timerResolvedJason Dillaman

Subtask #14937: Cloned images must only be bootstrapped after parent image successfully syncResolvedJason Dillaman

Subtask #14981: rbd-mirror daemon systemd / upstart scriptsResolvedJason Dillaman

Subtask #15029: Use watch/notify to alert to specific changes in the rbd_mirroring objectResolvedJason Dillaman

Subtask #15108: Periodically update the sync point object number during syncResolvedRicardo Dias

Subtask #15109: Integrate image sync process within rbd-mirror image replayerResolvedJason Dillaman

Subtask #15110: Image sync should sync full snapshot stateResolvedJason Dillaman

Subtask #15142: Integrate the rbd mirroring directory within the replay daemonResolvedRicardo Dias

Subtask #15232: Support failover / failbackResolvedJason Dillaman

Subtask #15238: Switch fsid over to mirror uuidResolvedRicardo Dias

Subtask #15239: Throttle in-flight image syncs to only a X concurrentResolvedRicardo Dias

Subtask #15670: Delete image when a resync is requestedResolvedRicardo Dias

Subtask #15710: The exclusive lock policy should support skipping the journalClosed

Subtask #15718: rbd-mirror admin socket commands to start/stop/restartResolved


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  • Target version changed from v9.0.4 to v10.0.1

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  • Target version changed from v10.0.1 to 10.0.2

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