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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
66232 rbd Bug Fix Under Review Normal need to override extra_system_packages directly on install task Ilya Dryomov 05/27/2024 03:36 PM Actions
66231 RADOS Bug New Normal msg/AsyncMessenger: l_msgr_active_connections numerical anomaly 05/27/2024 12:31 PM Actions
66230 nvme-of Feature New Normal cephadm - make changes to ceph-nvmeof.conf template 05/27/2024 11:31 AM Ceph - v20.0.0 Actions
66229 CephFS Bug New Normal [quiesce timeout] unable to xlock a number of files due to a laggy client 05/27/2024 09:54 AM Actions
66227 Dashboard Bug New Normal mgr/dashboard: add a wizard to setup rgw multisite replication Aashish Sharma 05/27/2024 05:36 AM Actions
66226 RADOS Bug New Normal flaky LibRadosIoECPP.CrcZeroWrite test 05/27/2024 07:30 AM Actions
66225 CephFS Fix Fix Under Review High [quiesce] disable debug parameters on quiesce roots Leonid Usov 05/27/2024 10:23 AM Actions
66224 Ceph Bug New Normal 'bl' used after it was moved 05/25/2024 04:35 PM Actions
66223 Ceph Bug New Normal 'oid' used after it was moved Suyash Dongre 05/26/2024 10:17 AM Actions
66222 Dashboard Bug New Normal Alerts mgr module keeps sending emails on muted health checks Aashish Sharma 05/26/2024 10:28 AM Monitoring Ceph - v17.2.8 Actions
66221 Dashboard Bug Fix Under Review Normal mgr/dashboard: every keystroke in bucket form name field raises exception in backend log Nizamudeen A 05/24/2024 03:43 PM Component - RGW Actions
66220 Ceph Bug Fix Under Review Normal rbd-wnbd doesn't wait for disk mappings to be cleaned up when stopping Lucian Petrut 05/24/2024 05:09 PM Actions
66219 CephFS Bug Fix Under Review High [quiesce timeout] QuiesceAgent may send an async QUIESCED ack before the QuiesceManager does the sync QUIESCING ack, which causes the QUIESCED ack to be lost Leonid Usov 05/27/2024 10:23 AM Actions
66217 Dashboard Feature In Progress Normal mgr/dashboard: carbon setup and ui shell Ivo Almeida 05/24/2024 09:38 AM Actions
66216 crimson Bug New Normal OSD crashes when backfilling objects Xuehan Xu 05/24/2024 09:33 AM Actions
66215 Ceph Bug Fix Under Review Normal "ceph osd pool ls detail --format=json" returns invalid JSON: it contains "inf" Md Mahamudur Rahaman Sajib 05/24/2024 01:30 PM common Ceph - v20.0.0 Actions
66214 crimson Bug New Normal ObjectContextLoader doesn't support concurrent obc loading yet Xuehan Xu 05/24/2024 09:33 AM Actions
66213 Orchestrator Feature New Normal rook: support `ceph orch host ok-to-stop <hostname>` 05/23/2024 08:10 PM mgr/rook Actions
66211 CephFS Feature New Normal redesign `ceph fs status' 05/23/2024 02:41 PM Administration/Usability Ceph - v20.0.0 Actions
66210 rgw Backport New High squid: Notification: Persistent queue not deleted when topic is deleted via radosgw-admin Casey Bodley 05/23/2024 02:09 PM Actions
66209 RADOS Bug New Normal ec-rados-plugin=jerasure-k=8-m=6-crush: too many values to unpack (expected 1) 05/23/2024 01:29 PM Actions
66208 CephFS Bug Fix Under Review Normal Segfault when `quiesce_overdrive_fragmenting` synchronously calls `dispatch_fragment_dir` for an abort Leonid Usov 05/23/2024 02:42 PM Ceph - v20.0.0 Actions
66207 Dashboard Bug New Normal Dashboard integration to prometheus is impossible to disable and makes entire dashboard unusable when prometheus isn't working well Aashish Sharma 05/23/2024 11:37 AM Monitoring Actions
66206 rgw-testing Bug Fix Under Review Normal rgw\bucket notification: correct realm reload Ali Masarwa 05/23/2024 02:12 PM notifications Actions
66205 rgw Feature In Progress Normal [RFE] add graceful shutdown mode to the asio front-end Mark Kogan 05/23/2024 12:40 PM Actions
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