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07:30 AM sepia Support #39994 (New): Lost previous Sepia Lab VPN Credentials
I don't have my previous Sepia credentials.The SSH public key is same. Please update my Sepia VPN credentials to the ...


12:18 PM fs Bug #39947 (In Progress): cephfs-shell: add CI testing with flake8


09:14 AM fs Bug #39395 (Verified): ceph: ceph fs auth fails
This issue is fixed in the latest version. On luminous, I get the same error.


12:34 PM Ceph Revision 2136530d (ceph): cephfs-shell: Remove whitespace after '('
This patch fixes flake8 whitespace error.
Signed-off-by: Varsha Rao <va...
12:34 PM Ceph Revision 20c31ea2 (ceph): cephfs-shell: Remove unused 'flag' variable
This patch fixes flake8 unused local variable error.
Signed-off-by: Var...
12:33 PM Ceph Revision c7d217c2 (ceph): cephfs-shell: Fix flake8 invalid escape sequence warning
Backslash-character pair is not a valid escape sequence, since Python 3.6
version. Prefixing character 'r' to the esc...
12:33 PM Ceph Revision f322affd (ceph): cephfs-shell: Remove unnecessary empty lines
This patch fixes flake8 too many blank lines error.
Signed-off-by: Vars...
12:33 PM Ceph Revision e6b6cf4b (ceph): cephfs-shell: Fix flake8 bare 'except' warnings
Instead of bare 'except', catch just libcephfs exceptions.
12:30 PM fs Cleanup #39717 (Need Review): cephfs-shell: Fix flake8 warnings and errors
Flake8 generates following warning and errors:
* E722 do not use bare 'except'
* E303 too many blank lines
* W605 ...


10:52 AM Ceph Revision e8928767 (ceph): cephfs-shell: Fix mkdir relative path error
Directory is not created for relative path. This patch fixes it.

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