Elzbieta Dziomdziora

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  • mgr (Developer, 02/08/2019)



06:17 AM mgr Feature #24655 (Need Review): mgr/dashboard: Enforce password change upon first login
06:17 AM mgr Feature #25232 (In Progress): mgr/dashboard: Support minimum password complexity rules


01:50 PM mgr Feature #38237 (New): mgr/dashboard Add branding of fujitsu
Add fujitsu logo,colors etc.
01:50 PM mgr Feature #38236 (Resolved): mgr/dashboard add polish language
Add polish language.
01:49 PM mgr Feature #38235 (Need More Info): mgr/dashboard add host status to the hosts table.
In Cluster->hosts add information about status in the table (information about osds, monitor)
01:46 PM mgr Feature #38234 (New): mgr/dashboard Replace broken osd
In cluster->osd add features:
* destroy selected OSD
* restore selected osd -> restore removed osd.
On ceph das...
01:41 PM mgr Feature #38233 (New): mgr/dashboard host management register / unregister host
In Cluster->Hosts, add the following additional features:
* Add host - add new host
* Remove host - remove one of t...

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