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10:37 AM mgr Bug #38806: ceph mgr/ansible module doesn't work
The manager log is placed by default in the folder "/var/log/ceph" in the server where the active manager daemon is r...


03:37 PM mgr Bug #38806: ceph mgr/ansible module doesn't work
Sorry for the delay answering.
The problem seems to be related with the "connection" with the external Ansible Ru...


10:48 AM mgr Bug #38806: ceph mgr/ansible module doesn't work
Probably the issue is caused by the value set in the setting "verify_server". This setting is used to verify the Ans...


11:01 AM Ceph Revision b6e8da7e (ceph): mgr/ansible: Add/remove hosts
- Implementation of operations add/rm hosts
- Improvement of error management in Ansible Runner Service Client
- Add...


12:23 PM Ceph Revision ec8b8cc5 (ceph): mgr/ansible: Replace Inventory Ansible playbook
A new Ansible playbook allows now to retrieve the storage devices information produced by ceph-volume.


12:49 PM Ceph Revision 34b993c2 (ceph): mgr/ansible: Solve merge problems
Add/fix <forgotten> things after a <git rebase --onto>
Signed-off-by: Juan Miguel Olmo Martínez <>
11:16 AM Ceph Revision 807e3325 (ceph): mgr/ansible: Adapt code to use DriveGroupSpec and OrchestratorClientMixin
Apart of this two major changes, and due the long time this PR has been opened, other minor modifications coming from...
11:12 AM Ceph Revision 1d6520c8 (ceph): mgr/ansible: Add create/remove osd functionality
- Create/remove osd functionality
- Addressed typo find by @tchaikov
- Improved code in functional orchestrator metho...


05:04 PM Ceph Revision 77f20e72 (ceph): mgr/ansible: Replace deprecated <get_config> calls
Changes needed to replace the obsolete get_config by the new get_module_option manager module method
Signed-off-by: ...


08:20 AM mgr Bug #37584: Get a mgr error when I try to vstart a test cluster
As is exposed in the log file provided by 少年 陌上 there are two manager module python dependencies that are not install...

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