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04:50 PM mgr Bug #23017 (Need Review): mgr log spamming about down osds
When you have down osds in a cluster the ceph-mgr log is spammed with one line per down osd per second:...


09:54 PM mgr Bug #22424: balancer should warn about missing requirements
I think this can be closed. Fixed by and...


02:38 PM RADOS Bug #22440: New pgs per osd hard limit can cause peering issues on existing clusters
First, perhaps this will help to make these issues more visible:
Second, i...


03:58 PM rgw Bug #22777 (New): uniqueness of rgw service name not guaranteed
Historically in our deployment we reuse the same client.radosgw key for all rgw's.
During the jewel/luminous upgrade...


02:47 PM ceph-volume Feature #22287: ceph-volume lvm deactivate
+1 and btw how does one do this manually today?


04:11 PM mgr Bug #22511: Dashboard showing stale health data
Sure, see ceph-post-file: 217cba9a-5ae9-42b4-8e7a-76ba016397e0
At this moment, the dashboard displays:...
03:42 PM mgr Bug #22511 (Duplicate): Dashboard showing stale health data
In 12.2.2 with a HEALTH_WARN cluster, the dashboard is showing stale health data.
The dashboard shows:...


12:54 PM mgr Bug #22470: KeyError: ('name',) in balancer rm
12:53 PM mgr Bug #22470 (Resolved): KeyError: ('name',) in balancer rm
In 12.2.2:...


02:44 PM mgr Bug #22431: balancer: calc_pg_upmaps not upmapping the correct pool
> - upmap treats all pgs the same. it doesn't factor in how well populated the pool(s) are--it just balances pg count...

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