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11:41 PM teuthology Feature #21841 (New): Test needed for: RGW ERROR: got unexpected error when trying to read object...

Tamil 2017-09-25 15:44:35 EDT
Steps to reproduce:
set "rgw gc obj min wait = 120" in /etc/ceph/ceph.conf an...
11:37 PM teuthology Feature #21840 (New): Check for: bucket check --fix fails with (90) Message too long
Make sure that '(90) Message too long' errors do not occur in logs while performing the followin operations:
1. Cr...
11:20 PM teuthology Feature #21839 (New): Test to make sure that a multipart upload race condition inssue does not ha...
Run the following steos multiple times.
1. sudo s3cmd mb s3://BUCKET1
2. sudo s3cmd put /home/ubuntu/rhceph-2.0-rhe...
11:17 PM teuthology Feature #21838 (New): Test -- ‘radosgw-admin bucket check –fix
An bug fixed upstream caused ‘radosgw-admin bucket check –fix’ to delete indices for valid objects as well as invalid...
10:54 PM teuthology Feature #21837 (New): Test that osd_scrub_during_recovery=false
run ceph --show-config and check results.
10:51 PM teuthology Feature #21836: OSD compaction command should be tested.
To further clarify what I meant by that description: Downstream manual tests have been performed to test OSD compacti...
10:46 PM teuthology Feature #21836 (New): OSD compaction command should be tested.
ceph daemon osd.n compact
Note: this can probably be included in other recently opened test cases.
10:43 PM teuthology Feature #21835 (New): Changing OSD backend from leveldb to rocksdb needs a test.
A test that updates a running osd to use rocksdb needs to be implemented. The test should essentially:
set noout


05:12 PM sepia Support #19945 (Resolved): Cobbler Access Request
I'd like to get cobbler access to the sepia lab.


11:17 PM teuthology Revision a5f1cb56 (teuthology): Fix run-playbook errors
The setuptools and ansible_ver fields need to be properly quoted in the remote run.
The ansible operation that is rem...

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