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10:12 PM teuthology Feature #17498 (New): Teutology should not be using git builder to get kernel packages.
Teuthology should be changed to use shaman/jenkins builds for kernel packages. As a first pass, I will try to find a...


07:00 PM sepia Bug #16977: vpm hostnames are frequently cloud.
Whoo Hoo. Looks fixed.
02:09 AM sepia Bug #16977 (Resolved): vpm hostnames are frequently cloud.
I teuthology-locked two vpms on sepia.
the hostname on one is vpm083. the hostname on the other is cloud.


04:47 PM teuthology Bug #7690: Teuthology: failed to bind the Unix Domain socket


08:35 PM ceph-qa-suite Bug #16812 (New): Openstack scripts should not used fixed glance, cinder, and nova conf files.
/etc/glance/glance-api.conf, /etc/cinder/cinder.conf, and /etc/nova/nova.conf are automatically generated upon Openst...


09:05 PM ceph-qa-suite Bug #16770 (New): Openstack scripts rely on ceph-deploy
A ceph-ansible based ceph installer should be added.


10:47 PM teuthology Revision 228665b5 (teuthology): Fix resolve_role_list in
resolve_role_list did not handle cases where roles specified contained wild-cards or
were not specified. ceph.role.a...
12:12 AM teuthology Bug #16534: teuthology-lock still locks a vm when the downburst PATH is invalid.
I also did not have my public key in the .ssh/authorized_keys file on the host machine where I was trying to lock the...


11:39 PM sepia Bug #15316: Can't locate Amazon/ in @INC (you may need to install the Amazon::S3 module)
This test worked on Centos 7.0. See ~wusui/s3test-amazon-pm on
09:21 PM teuthology Bug #16534 (Need More Info): teuthology-lock still locks a vm when the downburst PATH is invalid.
my ~/.teuthology.yaml file had a non-existent downburst file in it. The downburst failed and teuthology-lock left a ...

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