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12:42 PM Ceph Cleanup #24032 (Need Review): ceph.git has two different versions of dpdk in the source tree
We have currently two versions of DPDK in the source tree:
One under:
[submodule "src/dpdk"]
url = https://git...


06:12 PM Ceph Revision 76b82e64 (ceph): misc: mark functions with 'override' specifier
Fix for:
[src/*/*.h:XX] -> [src/*/*.h:XX]: (style) The function 'XYZ' overrides a
function in a base class but is n...
03:01 PM Ceph Revision 39ffec28 (ceph): misc: mark constructors as explicit
Set 218 constructors as explicit to avoid implicit usage.
Fix for cppcheck warning:
Class has a constructor with 1 ...


09:52 PM Ceph Revision 025d0f3d (ceph): test/ reduce scope of some variables
Signed-off-by: Danny Al-Gaaf <>
09:51 PM Ceph Revision dc43a880 (ceph): client/ reduce scope of variable 'r'
Signed-off-by: Danny Al-Gaaf <>
09:07 PM Ceph Revision f91ffea3 (ceph): common/TrackedOp: fix 'warned' handling
Fix for this cppcheck issue:
[src/common/]: (style) The scope of the variable
'warned' can be reduc...


08:34 PM Ceph Revision 6ac89cad (ceph): common/ prefer ++operators for non-primitive types
Signed-off-by: Danny Al-Gaaf <>
08:13 PM Ceph Revision 22cc1fd8 (ceph): src/rgw/ fix lock_guard usage
Fix for:
[src/rgw/]: (style) Instance of 'lock_guard' object
is destroyed immediately.
10:17 AM Ceph Revision 7a17f593 (ceph): hypertable/ use int64_t instead of uint64_t
The usage of uint64_t to get the return value of ceph_lseek() will
lead to loss of the error code returned from the f...
10:17 AM Ceph Revision c2a4af6f (ceph): librbd/ use static_cast instead of c-style
Signed-off-by: Danny Al-Gaaf <>

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