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04:34 PM mgr Feature #39478: mgr/dashboard: new RGW workflows & RGW enhancements
Just posted the RGW Multi-site Design proposal -- apologies it was broken up into 7 PDF files (as upload max file siz...


01:01 PM mgr Feature #38697: mgr/dashboard: Enhance info shown in Landing Page cards 'PGs per OSD' & 'Raw Capa...
+1 on the capacity suggestion from Ernesto.
Regarding the PGs per OSD chart, I know we talked about this needing t...


08:06 PM mgr Feature #36607: mgr/dashboard: Display description on mouse hover
It seems like we’re trying to show an infotip — denoted by the information icon — on a per dashboard card. If so, it...


02:51 AM mgr Cleanup #37337: mgr/dashboard: Consistent labeling for buttons: 'Edit pool' (pool) vs. 'Update RB...
Regarding breadcrumbs, both #2 or #3 work, though I'd suggest going with #3 ("Object GW >> Bucket >> Create Bucket")....


06:21 PM mgr Cleanup #37337: mgr/dashboard: Consistent labeling for buttons: 'Edit pool' (pool) vs. 'Update RB...
First off thanks for bringing this up. I've to admit it was confusing to me as well when I first started looking at ...


02:47 PM mgr Bug #37917: SSO: Raw error message shown when logged in with non existent ceph user
I'd like to suggest either of the following text to be shown (my preference is #2):
*Option 1:*
Sorry, the user d...


03:27 PM mgr Cleanup #35691: mgr/dashboard: Proposed Landing Page
Noting that we're planning to change the green and beige on the color palette to match the status colors for better U...


07:32 PM mgr Feature #38063: mgr/dashboard: Improve existing design of Grafana timepicker
Attached is a timepicker suggestion on how to address improving the timepicker, which covers all the Grafana timepick...


03:39 PM mgr Feature #37794: mgr/dashboard: CRUSH map viewer RFE
The changes look good -- thanks Dan Guo for making them!
+1 on tackling the outline the selection [i.e. ceph(host)...


07:13 PM mgr Feature #26872: mgr/dashboard Add refresh interval to the dashboard landing page
If refresh is only for the landing page, then the +1 on the second option and not the same interval used in the summa...

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