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03:55 PM Ceph Revision 01bb4cb1 (ceph): mgr/dashboard: npm run e2e:dev
The new command introduced will make developing e2e tests faster, as
Protractor will attach to the running developmen...
03:52 PM mgr Tasks #37291 (Need Review): mgr/dashboard: Add a command to easily test e2e test with a already r...
To achieve this I currently need to run `npm run e2e -- --dev-server-target` which is a bit long and not everybody kn...


03:07 PM mgr Bug #37275: mgr/dashboard/qa: tasks.mgr.dashboard.test_erasure_code_profile test suite is failing
I found out the reason for this, it's the word size parameter 'w' which may differ from cluster to cluster. The 'vsta...
12:04 PM mgr Bug #37275 (In Progress): mgr/dashboard/qa: tasks.mgr.dashboard.test_erasure_code_profile test su...


11:39 AM mgr Cleanup #36616 (Resolved): mgr/dashboard: Simplify OSD test that tests if certain actions are dis...
11:39 AM mgr Cleanup #36615 (Resolved): mgr/dashboard: Remove of interface methods in OSD list component


08:40 AM Ceph Revision 3261c4f1 (ceph): mgr/dashboard: Show info button for crush rules in pool form
Signed-off-by: Stephan Müller <>
08:40 AM Ceph Revision 5e4ebf70 (ceph): mgr/dashboard: Adds ECP management to the frontend
Now you can create, delete and get information about profiles inside
the pool form.
The erasure code profile form ha...
08:40 AM Ceph Revision 3a7f8580 (ceph): mgr/dashboard: Adds ECP info endpoint
The new info endpoint will provide the frontend with the necessary
information it needs to create new profiles.


03:55 PM mgr Feature #36721 (In Progress): mgr/dashboard: UI displays fired alert notifications from prometheus

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