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05:01 PM Ceph Bug #17444 (Rejected): Data object missing xattr attrbutes on primary OSD will not be discovered ...

We've seen this before. If the OSD has the original unlinked file opened, it won't see the new one without the xat...


08:25 PM Ceph Feature #19657 (In Progress): An EIO from a single device should not be a client-visible failure.
08:24 PM Ceph Bug #18165 (In Progress): OSD crash with osd/ 8485: FAILED assert(is_backfill_tar...
07:37 PM Ceph Bug #16259 (Duplicate): ceph osd processes crashes when doing a revert on unfound object


10:51 PM Ceph Bug #19993 (Need More Info): run-tox-ceph-disk fails related to prettytable

On Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS after using and removing and using from scratch
Added in 3fa8b...
04:38 PM Ceph Bug #19991 (New): dmclock-tests fail on my build VM

On my build machine which is a VM. It passes on Jenkins.
[ RUN ] test_client.full_bore_timing


09:47 PM Ceph Revision 5c788a1d (ceph): test: Test fix for SnapSet change
Caused by: a7b59221691954aedfac88695df8c89e36e10739
Signed-off-by: David Zafman <>


09:03 PM Ceph Revision acf608a9 (ceph): filestore, tools: Fix logging of DBObjectMap check() repairs
Signed-off-by: David Zafman <>
(cherry picked from commit 1704f62c0831e6b07138f7dd14a89fef3c9ed2c1)
09:03 PM Ceph Revision fecc5233 (ceph): osd: Simplify DBObjectMap by no longer creating complete tables
Bump the version for new maps to 3
Make clone less efficient but simpler
Add rename operation (use instead of clone/u...
09:03 PM Ceph Revision 6902c314 (ceph): ceph-osdomap-tool: Fix seg fault with large amount of check error output
Signed-off-by: David Zafman <>
(cherry picked from commit 1dda0411f4fbb14ce1e0062da9f14ec3af505d39)

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