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06:57 AM Ceph Bug #19405 (New): Failure Mock function called more times than ex...

Jenkins make check failure
[ RUN ] TestMockLeaderWatcher.AcquireError


10:26 PM Ceph Backport #19404 (In Progress): jewel: two instances of omap_digest mismatch
10:25 PM Ceph Revision 55444ce3 (ceph): Merge pull request #14200 from dzafman/wip-18533-again
Reviewed-by: Josh Durgin <>
04:50 PM Ceph Revision 2d668468 (ceph): filestore, tools: Fix logging of DBObjectMap check() repairs
Signed-off-by: David Zafman <>
(cherry picked from commit 1704f62c0831e6b07138f7dd14a89fef3c9ed2c1)
04:49 PM Ceph Revision f4945116 (ceph): osd: Simplify DBObjectMap by no longer creating complete tables
Bump the version for new maps to 3
Make clone less efficient but simpler
Add rename operation (use instead of clone/u...
04:33 PM Ceph Revision 06c27d7e (ceph): ceph-osdomap-tool: Fix seg fault with large amount of check error output
Signed-off-by: David Zafman <>
(cherry picked from commit 1dda0411f4fbb14ce1e0062da9f14ec3af505d39)
04:33 PM Ceph Revision 4810c544 (ceph): osd: Add automatic repair for DBObjectMap bug
Add repair command to ceph-osdomap-tool too
Under some situations the previous rm_keys() code would
generated a corr...
04:32 PM Ceph Revision 61dad6c1 (ceph): ceph-osdomap-tool: Fix tool exit status
Signed-off-by: David Zafman <>
(cherry picked from commit 666f14ed90655a2d1bedde8561949625db7a9e6c)
04:32 PM Ceph Revision 4c7fbea9 (ceph): test: Add ceph_test_object_map to make check tests
Signed-off-by: David Zafman <>
(cherry picked from commit 0e97a01bd7291458881ee53cece2d887f6333669)
04:32 PM Ceph Revision ef5aeab9 (ceph): ceph-osdomap-tool: Add --debug and only show internal logging if enabled
Signed-off-by: David Zafman <>
(cherry picked from commit 5fb2b2d13953979e5da9f571ab8c4b0b510b8368)

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