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10:51 PM RADOS Bug #21142 (Resolved): OSD crashes when loading pgs with "FAILED assert(interval.last > last)"
10:11 PM Ceph Revision 682def2e (ceph): qa, doc: update ec fast read setting
31dd620883bc5114a476f9f37251f139b8abe326 renamed it but did not update the suites or docs
Signed-off-by: Josh Durgin...
09:58 PM Ceph Revision d45f1811 (ceph): qa/suites: remove mon kv backend options
rocksdb is the default, leveldb is not recommended at this point, so drop it.
Signed-off-by: Josh Durgin <jdurgin@re...
09:25 PM RADOS Bug #24866 (Verified): FAILED assert(0 == "past_interval start interval mismatch") in check_past_...
Looks like this is still possible to hit:


10:20 PM RADOS Bug #38012: osd bad crc cause the whole cluster stop accepting new request.
It seems the first step would be reporting the crc mismatches via a perfcounter. Then the mgr could look at those to ...


10:17 PM RADOS Bug #38012: osd bad crc cause the whole cluster stop accepting new request.
This is likely to be bad networking hardware - the CRC at the ceph level that is failing is designed to detect exactl...
10:15 PM RADOS Bug #37978 (Duplicate): osd killed by kernel for Segmentation fault
04:17 PM Ceph Revision 62ac23bf (ceph): common/options: remove unused ms async affinity options
These were never implemented. They can be added back if they are
implemented and shown to help performance.


09:12 PM Ceph Revision 946c3b4e (ceph): Merge branch 'luminous' into wip-ifed-fix2-expand-luminous
03:57 PM Ceph Revision 384cfa2a (ceph): Merge pull request #25925 from markhpc/wip-rocksdb-pricache
kv/KeyValueDB: Move PriCache implementation to ShardedCache.
Reviewed-by: Josh Durgin <>

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