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10:52 AM rgw Bug #10188 (Won't Fix): Can not create new rgw user when specifying an email already assigned to ...
The error can be seen in the output of the commands below. In the first command we create a user "jj1" with an email ...


10:17 AM Linux kernel client Bug #5429: libceph: rcu stall, null deref in osd_reset->__reset_osd->__remove_osd
Is there anything which needs to be gathered from the cluster currently displaying this issue which could help out?


11:04 AM rgw Bug #9479: ETag is not included in the XML response to put object copy operation
This is under v0.67.10
11:04 AM rgw Bug #9478: Incorrect content type in response header
This is under v0.67.10


11:20 AM fs Feature #9338 (Resolved): A read timeout argument for cephfs mounts (fuse client especially)
When a cluster's cephfs mount hangs, for reasons such as IO pausing due to a cluster going full or osds crashing, the...


04:41 PM Calamari Feature #9275 (Pending Upstream): Use FQDN for ceph_deploy AND ServerName in calamari.conf
When we run, it prompts us for the server FQDN. This input is used for ceph_deploy to access the repo to...


10:20 AM fs Documentation #8918 (Resolved): kclient: known working kernels
A request has been made to document known working kernels on the docs, here:


12:34 PM Ceph Documentation #8854 (New): Clarify potential problems from ceph-deploy purgedata command when osd...
When running the ceph-deploy purgedata command on a storage node the command will end up making later installations a...


08:58 PM Ceph Feature #8538 (Resolved): Functionality to have rbdmap also mount after mapping an image
In RE:
Summary: Over 200 rbd images are being mapped to a RHEL7 m...


01:15 PM Ceph Feature #8203 (Resolved): Replica setting values in df output
The ability to see replica settings in ceph df. Potentially a warning when the replica is less than X in value, where...

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