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04:06 PM Ceph Revision b912def1 (ceph): PG.h: remove some unnecessary virtual declarations
PG users do not need these public methods.
Signed-off-by: Samuel Just <>
Signed-off-by: Kefu Chai <k...


09:55 PM Ceph Bug #20057 (Resolved): ceph-osd: some flags are not documented in the help output


07:46 PM Ceph Revision e629d612 (ceph): libradosstriper: remove the rest of the libradosstriper code
Resolves: rhbz#1339870
Signed-off-by: Samuel Just <>
Had to remove the following changes, since the ...


10:01 PM RADOS Feature #19384 (New): ceph_objectstore_tool (set|clear)-missing-item command
This one is only relevant for kraken and later. It would be good to have a command for directly manipulating a pg's ...
09:59 PM RADOS Feature #19383 (New): ceph_objectstore_tool: set-version op to allow setting the prior_version an...
The motivation for this one is to be able to manually do part of what mark_unfound_lost revert does automatically and...
09:57 PM Ceph Feature #19382 (Resolved): ceph_objectstore_tool pg reset last_complete
There should be a ceph_objectstore_tool op for simply setting last_complete = last_update.
09:55 PM Ceph Feature #19381 (New): ceph_objectstore_tool,rados tool: add commands to both for exporting and im...
The motivation for this is a case where a radosgw index object has become inaccessible, unfound, corrupted, w/e on th...
09:49 PM RADOS Bug #19380 (New): only sort of a bug: it's possible to get an unfound object without losing min_s...
Fundamentally, ReplicatedBackend does destructive updates. That makes the following sequence possible. Assume that ...
09:13 PM Ceph Bug #19378 (Won't Fix): jewel: pg commands can get blocked if the target OSD's client throttle is...
You can work around it by either stopping client IO or temporarily increasing osd_client_message_cap (which, unfortun...
08:37 PM RADOS Bug #19377: mark_unfound_lost revert won't actually recover the objects unless there are some fou...
There is a very clumsy workaround to this issue. Once the mark_unfound_lost revert commands claims to have completed...

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