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04:06 PM Ceph Revision b912def1 (ceph): PG.h: remove some unnecessary virtual declarations
PG users do not need these public methods.
Signed-off-by: Samuel Just <>
Signed-off-by: Kefu Chai <k...


08:31 PM Ceph Revision 40550347 (ceph): ReplicatedBackend: don't queue Context outside of ObjectStore with obc
We only flush the ObjectStore callbacks, not everything else. Thus,
there isn't a guarrantee that the obc held by pu...
08:20 PM Ceph Revision 5257d1a6 (ceph): osd/: don't leak context for Blessed*Context or RecoveryQueueAsync
This has always been a bug, but until
68defc2b0561414711d4dd0a76bc5d0f46f8a3f8, nothing deleted those contexts


10:30 AM Ceph Revision d1869517 (ceph): PrimaryLogPG::try_lock_for_read: give up if missing
The only users calc_*_subsets might try to read_lock an object which is
missing on the primary. Returning false in t...
10:30 AM Ceph Revision 30ff11c8 (ceph): ReplicatedBackend: take read locks for clone sources during recovery
Otherwise, we run the risk of a clone source which hasn't actually
come into existence yet being used if we grab a cl...


09:55 PM Ceph Bug #20057 (Resolved): ceph-osd: some flags are not documented in the help output


06:25 PM Ceph Revision 02a2ef41 (ceph): rados: check that pool is done trimming before removing it
Signed-off-by: Samuel Just <>
(cherry picked from commit 4aebf59d906fa3e03d21bdac182f89fe3cd4c802)
06:25 PM Ceph Revision 95306559 (ceph): osd/: add PG_STATE_SNAPTRIM[_WAIT] to expose snap trim state to user
Signed-off-by: Samuel Just <>
(cherry picked from commit c2eac34c86517e410eb4842d8b8085da7d8d7973)


07:46 PM Ceph Revision e629d612 (ceph): libradosstriper: remove the rest of the libradosstriper code
Resolves: rhbz#1339870
Signed-off-by: Samuel Just <>
Had to remove the following changes, since the ...
07:46 PM Ceph Revision c13db516 (ceph): Revert "rados: Added --striper option to the command line"
This reverts commit 49ab5bb3c436fbe069327859c76b351c4fe06043.

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