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09:55 PM Ceph Bug #20057 (Resolved): ceph-osd: some flags are not documented in the help output


03:30 PM Ceph Revision 65051756 (ceph): test/osd/types: add tests specifically for prior set generation
Signed-off-by: Samuel Just <>
03:30 PM Ceph Revision 44264de2 (ceph): test/osd/ fix check_new_interval test
Removes the asserts relating to past_intervals state.
They don't really make sense with the new representation,
03:30 PM Ceph Revision 5a9c3be3 (ceph): osd_types: refactor PriorSet so it can be tested without an OSDMap
Signed-off-by: Samuel Just <>
03:30 PM Ceph Revision 6f1783d9 (ceph): osd_types: just pass last_epoch_started to PriorSet
Signed-off-by: Samuel Just <>
03:30 PM Ceph Revision acb713b4 (ceph): osd_types: fill in generate_past_intervals for new types
Signed-off-by: Samuel Just <>
03:30 PM Ceph Revision 867fd4e7 (ceph): osd_types: implement PastIntervals pi_compact_rep
Signed-off-by: Samuel Just <>


09:03 PM Ceph Revision 5f36c319 (ceph): DBObjectMap: rewrite rm_keys and merge_new_complete
Leverage the updated in_complete_region and needs_parent to simplify
these methods.
Signed-off-by: Samuel Just <sjus...
09:03 PM Ceph Revision 1fe4b856 (ceph): DBObjectMap: strengthen in_complete_region post condition
Previously, in_complete_region didn't guarantee anything about
where it left complete_iter pointing. It will be hand...
09:03 PM Ceph Revision 85f2151f (ceph): DBObjectMap: fix next_parent()
The previous implementation assumed that
lower_bound(parent_iter->key()) always leaves the iterator
on_parent(). The...

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