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07:38 PM Ceph Revision 517ba568 (ceph): crimson/osd/pg: start_operation for read_state, schedule_event_on_commit
This way they'll be holding the appropriate pipeline stage.
Signed-off-by: Samuel Just <>


01:00 AM Ceph Revision b5969468 (ceph): crimson: fix state machine operations in advance_pg_to and pg creation
Both pg creation and advance_pg_to process statemachine events and
therefore need to be under the pg process pipeline...


08:51 PM Ceph Revision e6c6de33 (ceph): crimson/osd/: restructure client and peering operation handling
This patch:
* Breaks pg map handling out into a separate module (pg_map.*)
* Breaks osdmap waiting into a separate mo...
08:51 PM Ceph Revision bc48f2df (ceph): crimson/osd: add osd_operation
Adds basic machinery for registering in progress operations along
with blocking conditions.
Signed-off-by: Samuel Ju...
07:14 PM Ceph Revision 7f4e2d63 (ceph): crimson/osd: move OSD and PG into ceph::osd
Signed-off-by: Samuel Just <>
07:14 PM Ceph Revision 4625d819 (ceph): crimson/osd: advance_pg_to current epoch in handle_pg_create_info
Signed-off-by: Samuel Just <>
07:14 PM Ceph Revision 986e7995 (ceph): crimson/net/Connection: add priv member for osd to use
Signed-off-by: Samuel Just <>


12:37 AM Ceph Revision ae64e44f (ceph): crimson/common: add type_helpers with a single Ref definition
Signed-off-by: Samuel Just <>
12:37 AM Ceph Revision 0620f86a (ceph): osd/PGPeeringEvent: const as appropriate
Signed-off-by: Samuel Just <>


09:00 PM RADOS Bug #40117 (New): PG stuck in WaitActingChange
osd.9 requests a switch to acting set=[5] from [9,5] which never shows up. The teuthology test hangs waiting for tha...

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