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10:35 AM Ceph Feature #20311 (New): mon/test: increase coverage of test-mon-msg
This test is currently testing a few messages. It would be nice if we could increase the coverage, with the following...


07:59 PM Ceph Revision 2fd37654 (ceph): mon: mark `osd create` as deprecated
With the introduction of `osd new`, we are now deprecating `osd create`
with the intent of removing it in a future re...


10:13 PM Ceph Revision 159dc9ae (ceph): mon/PGMap: show %used in formatted output
Match what we currently have for the freeform text output. This prevents
the user from having to go through some anno...
02:31 PM Ceph Revision e80faf19 (ceph): doc/man: document new mon commands
Includes brief description for `ceph osd new`, `ceph osd destroy` and
`ceph osd purge`.
Signed-off-by: Joao Eduardo ...
02:31 PM Ceph Revision 8ab3a1db (ceph): qa/workunits: add cephtool test for new commands
Tests `ceph osd new`, `ceph osd destroy` and `ceph osd purge`.
Signed-off-by: Joao Eduardo Luis <>
02:31 PM Ceph Revision 9e0d3de6 (ceph): qa/workunits: adjust expected return on cephtool
We changed the behavior of `osd create` to return EEXIST instead of
EINVAL if an uuid exists with a different `id` th...
02:31 PM Ceph Revision b3464b34 (ceph): mon/OSDMonitor: make `destroy` and `purge` idempotent
Signed-off-by: Joao Eduardo Luis <>
02:31 PM Ceph Revision 0df321b5 (ceph): mon/OSDMonitor: have `create` behavior on `new`
`osd new` will eventually replace `osd create`, and so we want to keep
as close of a behavior as possible. Some conce...
02:31 PM Ceph Revision c9e6cac1 (ceph): mon: add `osd new`
Signed-off-by: Joao Eduardo Luis <>
02:31 PM Ceph Revision 52c0bffb (ceph): mon/OSDMonitor: rework `osd create`
We're splitting the chunk of code from `prepare_command_impl()` into two
functions: one will validate if we can perfo...

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