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05:32 PM Ceph Revision 23740119 (ceph): mon: test 'mon feature' cli
Signed-off-by: Joao Eduardo Luis <>
05:32 PM Ceph Revision 3cabcb7d (ceph): qa/workunits/ceph-helpers: add wait_for_quorum()
Takes optional timeout and desired quorum size
Signed-off-by: Joao Eduardo Luis <>
05:32 PM Ceph Revision 11c4946b (ceph): mon: enable persistent monmap features on full quorum
We will now only enable persistent features automatically
when ALL the monitors in the monmap are in the quorum.
05:32 PM Ceph Revision 9c6a6f19 (ceph): mon: better 'mon features' cli
Allows listing supported and currently set monmap features, as well as
setting and unsetting them.
Signed-off-by: Jo...


02:25 PM Ceph Revision 545bc835 (ceph): mon: drop weird/failed mon features debug cli
Signed-off-by: Joao Eduardo Luis <>


02:13 PM Ceph Revision 36ecfbd8 (ceph): mon: MonMap: clear 'mon_info' during decode
It so happens that it's not safe to assume the monmap will be in an
empty state upon decoding.
Turns out the MonClie...
12:03 AM Ceph Bug #18265 (Need Review): MonMap::sanitize_mons() does not like monmaps built from -m/mon_hosts


09:41 PM Ceph Bug #18265 (Testing): MonMap::sanitize_mons() does not like monmaps built from -m/mon_hosts
03:59 PM Ceph Bug #18265 (In Progress): MonMap::sanitize_mons() does not like monmaps built from -m/mon_hosts


09:45 PM Ceph Revision 00de0140 (ceph): mon: MonmapMonitor: drop unnecessary 'goto' statements
Signed-off-by: Joao Eduardo Luis <>
(cherry picked from commit 20dcb597e35e6961db81831facefbe22cecddec3)

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