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09:19 PM rgw Bug #21802 (New): rgw: should recover from empty buffer returned
Managed to get to a point where meta.history was a zero sized object. Should probably return -ENOENT in that specific...
09:17 PM rgw Bug #21801 (New): rgw: need to check for meta_mgr->init_oldest_log_period() return status


09:26 PM rgw Bug #21740 (New): rgw: reshard cancel does not clear the reshard flag in the bucket index header
04:07 PM rgw Bug #21591: RGW multisite does not sync all objects
This could indicate a connection issue between secondary and master:...


06:18 PM rgw Bug #21397: permission denied rados gateway multi-size meta search integration Elasticsearch
The zone that handles the elasticsearch sync cannot be written into. Do you have another zone where you put data?
06:16 PM rgw Bug #21619: RGW Reshard error add failed to drop lock on <bucket>
Does this keep happening, or does it fix itself after 2 minutes?
Looks like there was a racing change that went into...
06:12 PM rgw Bug #19085 (Closed): Objects incorrectly report size 0 bytes after upgrade to 11.2.0
06:11 PM rgw Bug #21591: RGW multisite does not sync all objects
Can you provide rgw logs (debug rgw = 20) for the sync process (when it doesn't sync these objects)?
Also, try to lo...


11:23 AM Ceph Revision 1e9db292 (ceph): cls/refcount: store and use list of retired tags
Keep around the list of retired tags, make sure we don't
drop a refcount...


05:44 AM rgw Backport #20007 (Resolved): jewel: rgw: remove unnecessary 'error in read_id for object name: def...

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