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11:54 PM rgw Bug #38199 (Triaged): rgw: setacl on versioned object doesn't write correct bi log entries
It doesn't set the versioned field correctly. Then sync assumes versioned_epoch=0.
10:06 PM rgw Bug #38197: rgw: es: not storing default content type if empty
10:04 PM rgw Bug #38197 (Need Review): rgw: es: not storing default content type if empty
When content type is not provided we don't store the content type and need to use the default one. However, in the ca...
01:56 AM rgw Bug #38030 (Pending Backport): rgw: es: cannot query by content_type
01:55 AM rgw Bug #38028 (Pending Backport): rgw: es: some meta attrs might be trimmed
01:55 AM rgw Bug #36092 (Pending Backport): Radosgw elastic search sync module not working properly (all resul...
12:35 AM Ceph Bug #38174 (New): fail to pass params monmaptool correctly with --msgr21


11:23 PM Ceph Revision fe550ad8 (ceph): rgw: es: use default request headers for query requests
Needed for sending auth headers.
Signed-off-by: Yehuda Sadeh <>
01:15 AM Ceph Revision 1f3e4f56 (ceph): rgw: RGWSendRESTResourceCR keeps encoded bufferlist instead of object
Needed for feature backport, could not be applied cleanly from
later version.
Object might be abstract.
01:15 AM Ceph Revision f823cc95 (ceph): rgw: es: query sent to elasticsearch needs content-type
Signed-off-by: Yehuda Sadeh <>

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