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10:44 PM Ceph Bug #20995 (Need More Info): ceph -w does not exit, but it doesn't display any messages either
I wouldn't say that ceph -w only shows ceph status. I ran an osd out command and this was logged by ceph -w along wit...
07:40 PM Ceph Bug #20995 (Verified): ceph -w does not exit, but it doesn't display any messages either
04:23 AM Ceph Bug #20995: ceph -w does not exit, but it doesn't display any messages either
Not sure what the expected output of ceph -w should be now, since after, some...


09:34 PM RADOS Bug #20798 (Need More Info): LibRadosLockECPP.LockExclusiveDurPP gets EEXIST
Logs from the ClsLock unittest clearly show that there is a race in the test and it tries to take the lock again befo...
09:14 PM Ceph Revision 5d69f801 (ceph): test/librados: create unique lock names
Signed-off-by: Neha Ojha <>


06:07 PM Ceph Revision 139cc382 (ceph): osd: use recovery sleep hdd for ssd store and hdd journal case
Signed-off-by: Neha Ojha <>


11:44 PM RADOS Bug #20798 (In Progress): LibRadosLockECPP.LockExclusiveDurPP gets EEXIST


06:58 PM Ceph Revision 1ace6a6a (ceph): doc: add documentation for osd_recovery_sleep_hybrid
Signed-off-by: Neha Ojha <>
06:58 PM Ceph Revision 59dad1ce (ceph): osd: Add recovery sleep hybrid configuration option
Signed-off-by: Neha Ojha <>
05:15 PM Ceph Revision c1254b90 (ceph): osd: Check whether journal is rotational or not
Signed-off-by: Neha Ojha <>

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