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03:24 PM fs Backport #19846 (In Progress): jewel: write to cephfs mount hangs, ceph-fuse and kernel
02:00 PM fs Backport #19845 (In Progress): kraken: write to cephfs mount hangs, ceph-fuse and kernel


03:29 PM Ceph Revision 88d2da5e (ceph): fs: normalize file open flags internally used by cephfs
The file open flags (O_foo) are platform specific. Normalize these flags
before they are send to the MDS. For process...


07:27 AM fs Bug #18872: write to cephfs mount hangs, ceph-fuse and kernel


01:04 PM fs Bug #18872 (Need Review): write to cephfs mount hangs, ceph-fuse and kernel
Turns out this is an issue of ceph leaking arch-dependend flags on the wire. See kernel ml [PATCH] ceph: Fix file ope...


07:00 AM teuthology Revision 8a5b6137 (teuthology): misc: add flexibility and move_file
Add preserve_perms argument to move_file to make the preservation of
permissions optional. This makes move_file usabl...


09:07 AM Ceph Revision e0a00b39 (ceph): doc: update links to point to ceph/qa instead of ceph-qa-suite
Also fix two broken links to install task and two typos.
Signed-off-by: Jan Fajerski <>


02:38 PM fs Backport #19206 (In Progress): jewel: Invalid error code returned by MDS is causing a kernel clie...
01:28 PM rgw Backport #19212 (In Progress): kraken: rgw: "cluster [WRN] bad locator @X on object @X...." in cl...
01:28 PM rgw Backport #19211 (Resolved): jewel: rgw: "cluster [WRN] bad locator @X on object @X...." in cluste...

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