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10:08 PM Ceph Revision fd81406f (ceph): doc/rados/operations/pg-states: fix PG state names
Change pg state names according to osd/ as this is what
ceph -s and the prometheus exporter will present ...


09:44 AM mgr Feature #24977: Provide a base set of Prometheus alert manager rules that notify the user about c...
Happy to take a stab at it unless someone beats me to it, input is obviously very welcome.


08:39 PM Ceph Revision 3c9fdbd5 (ceph): test/strtol: add test case for parsing hex numbers
Signed-off-by: Jan Fajerski <>
(cherry picked from commit dc081d49c85b74d2436cc3e2f6a1a8eb63234a5a)
08:39 PM Ceph Revision 408fc3e1 (ceph): qa/workunits/cephtool/ fix SI unit test, add IEC unit test
Signed-off-by: Jan Fajerski <>
(cherry picked from commit 61504f117c22e7f59ef4c1254dc9daf35dab667b)
08:39 PM Ceph Revision 80c73815 (ceph): common/strtol: add string_view interface and use string_view internally
Signed-off-by: Jan Fajerski <>
(cherry picked from commit 143c776ba30f42df85f2d83184f179fee2104063)
08:39 PM Ceph Revision eb27fd49 (ceph): common/util: remove unit_to_bytesize, use strict_iecstrtoll instead
Signed-off-by: Jan Fajerski <>
(cherry picked from commit a3739cbb3c19b255e196553ddf9f586bc1877773)
08:39 PM Ceph Revision fdc0ac2a (ceph): common/strtol: add strict_iecstrtoll; strict_sistrtoll uses base 10
This adds parsing of iec units (IEC units Ki, Mi, ...) besides the parsing
of the usual unit multipliers (SI units K,...
08:39 PM Ceph Revision b396476b (ceph): include/types: format decimal numbers with decimal factor
Until now bytes and objects were formatted using si_t which used 1024 as
the factor to pretty print large numbers. Fo...


12:26 PM Ceph Revision d1522f3c (ceph): doc/mgr/prometheus: add instructions to correlate metrics
Add another option to correlate metrics from the node_exporter and Ceph
using label_replace.
Signed-off-by: Jan Faje...
12:26 PM Ceph Revision fe476441 (ceph): pybind/mgr/prometheus: unify label names, move away from "id"
This commit makes label names that are supposed to be used for matching
consistent. Prometheus can not match on say o...

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