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06:58 PM Ceph Revision b421142b (ceph): mgr: add get_latest_counter() to C++ -> Python interface.
This allows Python land to only retrieve the latest perf counters,
instead of of retrieving all from C++ land and pic...


11:01 AM Ceph Revision 90463754 (ceph): mgr: remove PerfCounterInstance::get_current()
This function was wrong (should return buffer.back().v) and unused.
Signed-off-by: Jan Fajerski <>
11:01 AM Ceph Revision 938189e8 (ceph): mgr: remove PyFormatter copy constructor; shouldn't be called
Signed-off-by: Jan Fajerski <>


07:58 AM mgr Feature #24998: monitoring: Port and submit the ceph-metrics Grafana dashboards
Paul Cuzner wrote:
> Comments/feedback encouraged!
Hi Paul,
Thx for the update and the screenshots. I'll list a ...


10:54 AM mgr Feature #24977: Provide a base set of Prometheus alert manager rules that notify the user about c...
Tobias Florek wrote:
> What's the preferred distribution format? Should there simply be a sample *.rules file inclu...


10:08 PM Ceph Revision fd81406f (ceph): doc/rados/operations/pg-states: fix PG state names
Change pg state names according to osd/ as this is what
ceph -s and the prometheus exporter will present ...


09:44 AM mgr Feature #24977: Provide a base set of Prometheus alert manager rules that notify the user about c...
Happy to take a stab at it unless someone beats me to it, input is obviously very welcome.


08:39 PM Ceph Revision 3c9fdbd5 (ceph): test/strtol: add test case for parsing hex numbers
Signed-off-by: Jan Fajerski <>
(cherry picked from commit dc081d49c85b74d2436cc3e2f6a1a8eb63234a5a)
08:39 PM Ceph Revision 408fc3e1 (ceph): qa/workunits/cephtool/ fix SI unit test, add IEC unit test
Signed-off-by: Jan Fajerski <>
(cherry picked from commit 61504f117c22e7f59ef4c1254dc9daf35dab667b)
08:39 PM Ceph Revision 80c73815 (ceph): common/strtol: add string_view interface and use string_view internally
Signed-off-by: Jan Fajerski <>
(cherry picked from commit 143c776ba30f42df85f2d83184f179fee2104063)

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