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10:13 PM sepia Support #22657 (New): Sepia Lab Access Request
The VM on which I had my VPN set up died along with a disk in my machine. Could you reset the hash on my account to t...


02:40 PM fs Bug #21419: client: is ceph_caps_for_mode correct for r/o opens?
No, I've not had time to look at it. For now, I'll just mark this as low priority until I can revisit ir.


10:55 AM fs Feature #18490 (Resolved): client: implement delegation support in userland cephfs
Patches merged into both ceph and ganesha for this.


10:03 PM fs Bug #22256 (Resolved): nfs-ganesha: crashes in free_delegrecall_context
This was fixed by commit f332c172a2884c04a0d4e743c8858ff3e7f957a1 in ganesha (and the associated ntirpc changes).


07:37 PM fs Bug #22256: nfs-ganesha: crashes in free_delegrecall_context
Here's my ganesha.conf as well. I bisected the change down to 46a5e8535f978b1e12dcb15cbdcbf6d5e757d24e (nfs_rpc_call)...
07:34 PM fs Bug #22256 (Resolved): nfs-ganesha: crashes in free_delegrecall_context
I've been working on delegation support in cephfs for ganesha. The ceph pieces were recently merged, so I rebased my ...


02:41 PM fs Bug #22003: [CephFS-Ganesha]MDS migrate will affect Ganesha service?
I recently added a patch to ganesha:...


12:27 PM Ceph Revision 3321cc7b (ceph): mds: fold mds_revoke_cap_timeout into mds_session_timeout
Right now, we have two different timeout settings -- one for when the
client is just not responding at all (mds_sessi...
12:27 PM Ceph Revision d9c6a912 (ceph): client: add new delegation testcases
Test basic acquire/break functionality from both other clients
and the same client, for different conflicting opens, ...
12:26 PM Ceph Revision fad99776 (ceph): client: add delegation support for cephfs
Add the ability for ceph userland clients to request a delegation for a
cephfs open file. With this, userland will ge...

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