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04:18 PM fs Bug #26966 (New): nfs-ganesha: epochs out of sync in cluster
After starting a brand new nfs-ganesha cluster, I found the following set of recovery dbs:...


04:24 PM Ceph Revision fe0f3e9a (ceph): librados: add a rados_omap_iter_size function
Sometimes we need to know how many elements are represented by an omap
iterator. Add a new rados_omap_iter_size to re...
02:36 PM RADOS Feature #26948 (Resolved): librados: add a way to get a count of omap vals in an iterator
We currently have functions like rados_read_op_omap_get_vals2 that hand back an iterator to a userland caller. There ...


12:57 PM fs Bug #25213 (Pending Backport): handle ceph_ll_close on unmounted filesystem without crashing
Client::_unmount will unmap and tear down all of the open Fh objects before returning. Programs that use the lowlevel...


01:44 PM fs Bug #24897: client: writes rejected by quota may truncate/zero parts of file
I think this is probably NOTABUG. The shell redirect will end up opening the destination file with O_TRUNC which will...


06:06 PM fs Bug #24893 (Resolved): client: add ceph_ll_fallocate
We have a ceph_fallocate command, but we need an analogous ceph_ll_fallocate command for ganesha. Add a trivial wrapper.
05:40 PM fs Feature #24643: libcephfs: add ceph_futimens support
I don't think we need this at all. We have a ceph_fsetattrx call which is a superset of all the futimes/lutimes calls.


01:50 PM fs Bug #24802: races with nfs-ganesha reboots and delegation handling
The right fix here is probably to push forward with end-to-end ceph client reclaim. The main problem is that there is...


06:07 PM fs Bug #24802 (New): races with nfs-ganesha reboots and delegation handling
So I've come up with a thought experiment that I think could be problematic for ganesha with delegations enabled. Thi...


07:08 PM fs Feature #24465 (Resolved): client: allow client to leave state intact on MDS when tearing down ob...
When ganesha shuts down cleanly, it'll tear down all of its filehandle objects and release the files that it has open...

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