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07:08 PM fs Feature #24465 (Need Review): client: allow client to leave state intact on MDS when tearing down...
When ganesha shuts down cleanly, it'll tear down all of its filehandle objects and release the files that it has open...
06:21 PM fs Feature #24461: cephfs: improve file create performance by allocating inodes to clients
Neat. NFS and SMB have directory delegations/leases, but I haven't studied the topic in detail.
So the idea is to ...


01:47 PM fs Bug #24241: NFS-Ganesha libcephfs: Assert failure in object_locator_to_pg
If you have time, it's probably worthwhile to roll a new testcase for ceph_ll_get_stripe_osd for this sort of thing. ...


01:53 PM fs Bug #24177: qa: fsstress workunit does not execute in parallel on same host without clobbering files
I suspect the problem is in unpacking and building ltp. The fsstress commands already use a pid-specific directory. H...


09:05 PM fs Bug #23448 (Resolved): nfs-ganesha: fails to parse rados URLs with '.' in object name
01:43 PM fs Bug #23883: kclient: CephFS kernel client hang
v4.9 is quite old at this point, so it would be helpful to know if this is something that has already been fixed in m...


11:58 AM fs Bug #23873: cephfs does not count st_nlink for directories correctly?
Peter Mauritius wrote:
> The Dovecot mail server does not work properly, if mailbox files are stored on cephfs and a...


11:28 PM Ceph Revision 1bf04ea4 (ceph): client: remove getgroups_cb
Nothing uses this callback.
Signed-off-by: Jeff Layton <>
(cherry picked from commit 93079a6fd635e...
10:19 PM Ceph Revision 49253257 (ceph): client: remove _getgrouplist
Nothing calls it.
Signed-off-by: Jeff Layton <>
(cherry picked from commit b8ac296454f118df339d5b7...
10:19 PM Ceph Revision 6d0d9112 (ceph): client: have init_gids just set alloced_gids to true
We always call take_gids after init_gids, so just squash them together.
Reported-by: Jos Collin <>...

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