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04:56 PM fs Backport #23705: jewel: ceph-fuse: broken directory permission checking
This bug seems to have slipped through the cracks. We'd have to do a little work to backport this as jewel did not ge...
01:36 PM fs Bug #23446 (Resolved): ceph-fuse: getgroups failure causes exception
12:32 PM Ceph Revision dcac4a6a (ceph): Merge pull request #24626 from jtlayton/wip-mgr-urlparse
mgr/rook: fix urljoin import
11:49 AM fs Feature #23376: nfsgw: add NFS-Ganesha to service map similar to "rgw-nfs"
Looking again at this, as I'm starting to look at how we'd populate fs_locations_info to handle clustered ganesha mig...


02:26 PM Ceph Revision 741850b0 (ceph): mgr/rook: fix urljoin import
This is the correct syntax to ensure that we get urljoin, no matter
the python version.
Signed-off-by: Jeff Layton <...


01:39 PM fs Bug #36359: cephfs slow down when export with samba server
So you're mounting the directory using kcephfs and exporting that via samba? Have you tried using the vfs_ceph module...


11:51 AM fs Bug #36395: mds: Documentation for the reclaim mechanism
We already have some documentation in the header file. Granted, it could be fleshed out a bit, but do we require anyt...
10:04 AM fs Bug #36396: mds: handle duplicated uuid in multi-mds cluster
I think we want to kick clientA's session out at this point and let clientB take over (i.e. last one wins).
The qu...


06:31 PM fs Feature #36338: Namespace support for libcephfs
There is a ceph_select_filesystem call in libcephfs which _might_ do what we'd need for this, but it's not clear to m...


03:16 PM Ceph Revision 0bbca1c6 (ceph): mgr/orchestrator: clarify error message about kubernetes python module
When I saw this message, it took a bit of digging for me to understand
that it meant the _python_ module and not some...

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