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10:56 AM sepia Bug #17890: gitbuilder does not build latest Jewel packages for xenial
So the situation will be resolved by rebuilding?


02:13 PM fs Bug #17620 (Need More Info): Data Integrity Issue with kernel client vs fuse client


05:10 PM fs Bug #16926: multimds: kclient fails to mount
Pushing this to Zheng since it's another kclient issue.


01:47 PM rbd Bug #16988 (In Progress): 'rbd feature disable' against non-primary image results in hung CLI
Seems only one line of code missing - at least to avoid the hang, and allows an error message to be displayed.


12:57 PM rbd Bug #16102 (Duplicate): rbd-cli: no warning message displayed when enabling/disabling features th...
Description of problem:
There is no warning message when tried to enable Journaling on an i...


03:45 PM rbd Bug #15991 (Need Review): Should not allow the allow-shrink flag while resizing the image to a gr...
Pull request available :
rbd: don't allow --allow-shrink when growing image #9408


05:39 PM Ceph Revision 3ea5ca03 (ceph): mds: log on bad seq
Signed-off-by: Brett Niver <>


01:33 PM fs Bug #9904 (In Progress): Don't crash MDS on clients sending messages with bad seq


03:46 PM rbd Bug #15202 (Resolved): rbd bench-write crashes at end with journalling turned on.
Running basic ./ -n cluster on laptop. At the end of the ./rbd bench-write test, we hit an assert.

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