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08:16 AM Ceph Revision d1a807a2 (ceph): run-make-check: Showing configuration before the build
The actual code is resetting the statistics before doing the actual compilation and prints them after the build.


04:35 PM ceph-volume Feature #24871 (New): Listing disks provisionned by ceph-disk
Since the deprecation of ceph-disk in favor of ceph-volume, we need a ceph-volume command that is similar to the old ...


09:55 AM Ceph Revision 4cb5a590 (ceph): Adding ccache tuning for the CI
When run-make-check is run by the CI, some tuning can be performed to
speedup the build.
This commit :
- Detect jenk...


08:09 PM Ceph Revision 57df9138 (ceph): qa/standalone/ Setup ulimit in setup()
If ulimit is set to a 1024 value, ceph-osd will segfault with the
following error :
filestore(td/smoke/0) error ...
08:09 PM Ceph Revision 7b0d1c8b (ceph): qa/standalone/ Thinner resolution in get_timeout_delays()
get_timeout_delays() is a generic function to compute delays for a long
period of time without saturating the CPU is ...


01:59 PM Ceph Revision 434589a3 (ceph): ctest: Removing unittest_alloc_bench
unittest_alloc_bench is very cpu consuming and can take up to 20mn to
run. As per a discussion with the original auth...
01:53 PM Ceph Revision 13bc625b (ceph): src/test: Using gtest-parallel to speedup unittests
Unittests are run sequentially and could take a long while to run.
This commit is about using gtest-parallel on some...


09:06 AM Ceph Revision 2ce480b8 (ceph): qa/standalone/ Fixing comment for wait_for_health()
wait_for_health doesn't check if the cluster is making progress. So
let's adjust the comment accordingly.
09:06 AM Ceph Revision e6e10246 (ceph): tests: Protecting rados bench against endless loop
If the cluster dies during the rados bench, the maximum running time is
no more considered and all emitted aios are p...
09:06 AM Ceph Revision 62d2646c (ceph): qa/standalone/ Defining custom timeout for wait_for_cle...
The wait_for_clean() is using the default timeout aka 300sec = 5mn.
wait_for_clean() is trying to find a clean statu...

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