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09:11 AM Ceph Revision 413c9fcf (ceph): ceph-disk: Reporting /sys directory in get_partition_dev()
When get_partition_dev() fails, it reports the following message :
ceph_disk.main.Error: Error: partition 2 for /...


11:03 AM Ceph Revision d98d4dbc (ceph): ceph-disk: Adding cluster name support for dmcrypt
Prior to this commit we were not able to configure an OSD using dmcrypt
on a cluster with a different name than 'ceph...


03:28 PM CI Bug #15249: fix jenkins to not impose long paths
Loic Dachary wrote:
> I'm speechless, great work, thanks for the help.
Loic, that's not fair to be ironic with us...


03:12 PM CI Bug #15249: fix jenkins to not impose long paths
For me the issue is in qa/workunits/
It seems for me that "--admin-socket=$dir/\$cluster-\$


03:54 PM CI Bug #15249: fix jenkins to not impose long paths
This issue doesn't only seems to be related to our CI.
It sounds pretty incorrect to create a socket in such a long ...


12:53 PM Ceph Revision 23817405 (ceph): cephtool/ Adding iterations numbers in output log
When this test is failing and reach the limits, reading the log doesn't make
obvious that we reach them.
This simple...
12:19 PM CI Bug #15249: fix jenkins to not impose long paths
This plugin is in place & activate, let's see how it goes.


01:42 PM CI Bug #15249: fix jenkins to not impose long paths
Checking that plugin
01:07 PM Ceph Bug #16120: unittest_throttle BackoffThrottle deadlock
The involved code is realted to samuel just commit 9f4cba31d7fc520aeec6aef1abe398080363be08
11:07 AM Ceph Bug #16120: unittest_throttle BackoffThrottle deadlock
After a long while, we still have the same backtrace.

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